World’s oldest logo infographic surprises the internet

A good logo design can be almost timeless, creating a catchy, recognizable brand identity that resists changes in trends. And looking at some of their logos
Many of the oldest brands around can show you how true this is.

Reddit users are raining on an infographic that claims to show the oldest logos still in existence. While many have evolved to some degree over the years, it is also striking that many have retained their original elements. See our tips for designing a logo for such longevity in your own logo designs.

Oldest logos by infographic (Image credit: Image Transfer)

Created by marketing distribution platform Image Relay (opens in new tab) and recently posted on Reddit by u/BoilingGiraffe (opens in new tab)The infographic compares the longevity of some of the earliest logos still in use today. I say “some” because many brands are missing and the title is a bit misleading because many of the logos included are still not in their original form. For example, the oldest, the Stella Artois logo, has evolved significantly with the brand – it was formerly Den Hoorn Brewery, although it still has a horn in its logo.

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