White Lotus season 2 kept us guessing until the very last moment.

White Lotus season two finally came to a deadly end, but I already knew who would face their untimely demise in the season finale… sort of.

No, not because I have White Lotus speed dial creator Mike White; Still, I know someone who knows someone who’s into it. School of Rock. Aren’t we all? And no, I didn’t preview the finale and didn’t make the HBO Max executives a (mandatory) offer they couldn’t refuse. Godfather reference, more later).

That’s because my entire feed was full of fan theories, hypotheses, and guesses about this season’s whodunnit, so much so that the online discourse seemed to have reached its climax. White Lotus. But do these fan theories ruin or enhance our viewing experience?

Since HBO Max aired the first episode of the second season on October 30, I’ve spent every Sunday evening doom-scrolling the Reddit episode discussion thread and even writing some comments myself. Gasp, 23, who has a Reddit account? Yeah, I’m not like other girls.

Before long, my TikTok For You Page was flooded with one fan theory video after another. Have you seen the TikTok about Tanya’s blouse? Or TikToker, which analyzes all the drawings in the background of each scene? How about the astrologer giving a natal chart reading to the White Lotus characters? I’m sure I did.

And of course there was the Cowboy Theory. You know that Wyoming cowboy who stole Quentin’s heart? After Quentin (Tom Hollander) told Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) his unrequited love story with the nameless cowboy in episode five, I was sure it was just a pointless monologue to fill the time or provide context to Quentin’s background. Shame on you, because if there’s one thing we know about Mike White, it’s that things are somehow back to the way they were.

Despite my naivete, loyal Reddit users are convinced that this straight cowboy from Wyoming is Tanya’s husband, Greg (Jon Gries). I immediately dismissed this outlandish prediction and wondered if the fan theories had gone too far. To my surprise (but not the others), this theory was actually confirmed when Tanya received a photo of a young Quentin in a cowboy hat and what could only be identified as a young Jon Gries – especially by Napoleon Dynamite lovers. Who would say this is definitely a picture of Uncle Rico?

As a result, I soon adopted another fan theory that seemed to go hand in hand with the infamous Cowboy Theory: Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) is the disembodied leg floating in the ocean found by Daphne (Meghann Fahey) in episode one. .

Perhaps the most debated topic this season has surrounded Portia’s eccentric clothing choices, and how the Urban Outfitters core looks like Portia is a devious, chronically online Gen Z who wears any clothing deemed fashionable by the internet. However, many theorists have also looked to her mismatched outfits as clues about her fate. Receive Godfather The T-shirt she wore in episode five. Could this be a sign that Portia would meet her untimely death in a trap for Tanya in Appollonia? Godfather? TikTok seemed to think so.

Unfortunately, this is where the guesses of both me and the rest of the internet end. Apparently, it was Tanya who went on a deadly attack and killed the men she thought were out to steal her wealth. Now, from my scrubbing hours White Lotus Reddit page, I don’t think anyone with the username WriterDog101 would have guessed that.

That’s why at 10:30 p.m. – just after the 65-minute episode – about 30,000 people are chronically online. white lotus Viewers are currently hooking up to the Reddit thread and ready to discuss, review and speculate about the upcoming third season.

Although this season White Lotus It didn’t leave much spoiler-free for me, allowing me to obsess over one of the funniest shows on TV with equally enthusiastic fans. If my friends or colleagues didn’t know about the last episode, at least there was a stranger on Reddit that I could get my weekly fix from. white lotus discourse

Maybe the ubiquitous fan theories are mine white lotus It’s the viewing experience after all, because there’s nothing better than being proven wrong. Now, it may take some time for a TV show to captivate every corner of the internet like this. White Lotus season two – or at least until the next season Subrogation interest. But as the age-old saying goes: life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the fan theories and predictions we make along the way.

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