‘White Lotus’ gave us a big Lucia clue in episode 1

characters White Lotus Season 2 gets caught up in a sex and cheating mess, but it seems Sicilian sex worker Lucia Greco (Simona Tabasco) is spinning her own web.

Lucia starts the season with White Lotus guest Dominic Di Grasso (Michael Imperioli), but gets confused with her son Albie (Adam DiMarco) when she tells him she can’t see him anymore. It’s just Super Strange family interactions – Albie doesn’t know about Dominic and Lucia’s previous deal – also seems to have put the Di Grasso family in a bit more danger.


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As Lucia tells Albie, her pimp, Alessio, is controlling her and claims she owes him a lot of money, even though she makes a lot of money. In episode 5, alarm bells start ringing when Albie witnesses a tense interaction between Lucia and Alessio on the street, but in episode 6 the danger kicks into high gear. Lucia accompanies Albie and her family (again, strange) on a day trip around Sicily. His time with them is cut short when Alessio follows them in his car and asks her to go with him. He reluctantly leaves and the intrigue surrounding him and Alessio intensifies.

Except something is off. Why did this Alessio plot show up now, halfway through the season? If Lucia is so worried about Alessio, why don’t you bring the matter to Dominic first? As if that wasn’t enough, there is a crucial moment in the first episode of the season that really reinforces my doubts about Lucia’s story.

We’ve seen Alessio before in episode 1.

Adam DiMarco and Simona Tabasco in “White Lotus.”
Credit: Fabio Lovino / HBO

When we first met Lucia White Lotus, she and her friend Mia (Beatrice Grannò) head to the White Lotus boat to search for Lucia’s newest client. As they walk, they pass Alessio and Lucia greets him in a friendly way.ryeThe interaction is not as controversial as the later scenes and suggests friendship rather than a business relationship. So if Alessio is just a friend, what is he doing that supposedly turns Lucia into enemies? What’s his game?

It’s simple: he’s scamming Albie.

Just as poor Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) was scammed by Quentin (Tom Hollander), Albie is scammed by his new mistress. After their first night together, Lucia realizes Albie’s naivete and begins to tell the story of a tragic sex worker who is almost immediately in danger. All she has to do is find a friend to pose as her pimp. A smart move: she relies on Albie’s desire to be a white knight for a troubled damsel. Judging by her anxiety and asking what it takes to save her from Alessio, it’s clear that her plan is working.

Lucia may be pushing Albie for more money, but she may also be eyeing something bigger. When the two first start talking in episode 4, she asks about Albie’s life in Los Angeles. “I’ve always wanted to go to Los Angeles. It’s my dream,” she tells him. Could he be planning to take advantage of his bond with Albie to leave Sicily?

Lucia’s actions fit White Lotusa broader focus on deception.

A man and woman at the bar.

Simona Tabasco and Adam DiMarco in White Lotus
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If Lucia is scamming Albie – and that seems likely, given Alessio’s appearance in episode 1 – then it’s working. extremely a little difficult. Arranging a street fight with Alessio is one thing, but arranging a car chase and kidnapping is something else entirely. If anything, that scene adds even more credibility to Lucia’s story.

But we must not forget that White Lotus it plays with the idea of ​​narratives we spin around in our heads. In the same episode of the car chase, Ethan (Will Sharpe) begins to think that his wife Harper (Aubrey Plaza) is cheating on him with his friend Cameron (Theo James) over a suspicious moment in his hotel room. He can’t see behind closed doors, and neither can we. We had to fill in the blanks ourselves.

The same is true for Lucia and Alessio. White Lotus It doesn’t very meaningfully show us what happened to Lucia after she got in the car with Alessio. We can assume that they continue their arguments, but they may also be bragging about the success of their tricks. Note that all of her speech is in muffled, unsubtitled Italian, which puts us in Albie’s shoes. White Lotus He shows us only what he wants Albie to believe, and Albie wholeheartedly believes in Lucia’s possible plan. Hopefully that doesn’t cause either of them to end up in one of this season’s many body bags.

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