Watch South Korea v Portugal live: Watch the match for free

At 10:00 ET on Friday, the Group H teams face off in the final leg of the 2022 World Cup Group Stage. Portugal will qualify for the next round after back-to-back victories, while South Korea will struggle to stay in the tournament after losing their second match after a draw in their first match. The two teams last faced each other 20 years ago when South Korea eliminated Portugal from the tournament in their last Group Stage match. You can watch the free South Korea vs Portugal live stream here so you can see the action live.

How to watch the South Korea-Portugal match in the USA?

A few of the best live TV streaming services allow you to watch South Korea vs Portugal and other 2022 World Cup live streams online. One of them is FuboTV, which is one of the few remaining streaming services that still offer a free trial. This means that the FuboTV free trial is your ticket to a free World Cup stream for at least seven days. After a one-week trial, FuboTV knocks $70 a month for the standard plan, which offers a wide selection of over 100 TV channels (and maybe even more than that, with the total number of channels depending on your stream). region).

For the same subscription price of $70/month, Hulu with Live TV might be a better alternative than FuboTV, depending on your streaming habits and entertainment preferences. More than 75 live channel series include Fox Sports, so you can watch South Korea v Portugal and the rest of the 2022 World Cup until December. However, this bundle also includes ESPN+, Disney+, and core Hulu, giving you access to a ton of on-demand entertainment, from UFC fights to Star Wars, Marvel, Hulu originals, and more. That’s a huge catalog to sink your teeth into (or you get a few streaming platforms here because it’s really multiple catalogs).

Do you really want a cheaper option where you don’t have to pay for things you’ll never watch? The Sling TV Blue package offers more than 40 live TV channels for news, sports and more and allows you to watch South Korea – Portugal and other World Cup live streams. It normally costs $40 per month, but if you sign up now you can get your first month (and stream the World Cup live) for just $20.

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