Warzone 2.0 DMZ contract guide: every contract and reward explained

When? Battlefield first released as a newcomer to the battle royale space, it could probably have succeeded just by naming it the Call of Duty brand. However, instead of taking the easy way out, Battlefield wanted to differentiate itself from other games by adding its own unique mechanics and features. Some, such as the Gulag system, were present from the beginning, while others, like contracts, were added and changed as the seasons progressed.

Contracts are back War Zone 2.0 Includes both returning and new objectives to help you gain an edge over your opponents, earn money to buy items or revive teammates, and gain extra XP for your troubles. There’s also a new set of conventions made specifically for the new DMZ mode that you need to learn and get to know. Contracts can be awesome if you know what you’re doing, or they can become a curse causing your team to be wiped out. Our complete contract guide for War Zone 2.0 and the DMZ will keep you from entering into a deal you don’t understand.

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How do contracts work in Warzone 2.0 and the DMZ?

Contracts War Zone 2.0 and the DMZ works the same as they did in the original Battlefield. On the map you will see different contract icons indicating that one can be acquired. When you reach the mentioned place, you will find a radio with which you can interact and activate the corresponding contract. Once accepted, you will be given a breakdown of the objective you need to complete and a time limit to do so. If you do, you’ll get rewards that usually include cash, XP, and sometimes other bonuses.

Warzone 2.0 contracts and rewards

Characters getting off the plane in Warzone 2.0.

Bounty — Plus sign icon

Bounty contracts task you with hunting down an enemy player. You will be given a circle on your map showing the general area where your target is, but not their exact location. Your trophy will be told that they are hunting, so your knowledge of their location is not entirely one-sided, especially since you may not know where their team is.

As long as you and your team manage to eliminate your target before time runs out, you will receive some money and XP. If you don’t do this, you won’t get anything. Even if you don’t think you’ll be chasing a bounty, they’re still useful for the intelligence they give you about the enemy’s location.

Secure Intel — Document icon

This contract involves two steps that can put you and your team at risk, as it involves moving around a lot on the map. After receiving it, your first goal will be to find a laptop in a circle marked on your map. When you get close enough, the exact location will open for you to find.

After receiving the intelligence from the laptop, you need to deliver it to another marked place on the map. If you manage to get there without being killed, you will find a large computer to load the intel. Once that’s done, you’ll receive your cash and XP payout, but the location of the next circle will also be added to your map. Knowing in advance where the next circle will be is some of the best information you can get. War Zone 2.0. Not only does it allow you to secure a safe place early on, but you also select other teams struggling to reach the new environment.

Most Wanted – Crown symbol

Remember the bounty contract? Well, Most Wanted is basically the opposite of that. Rather than giving you a target you can kill for a nice reward, this contract marks whoever picks it on the map as a target for a nice payday. There are two main differences though. First, it’s not just one person or team that finds out where you are, it’s everyone in the game. Second, instead of everyone taking a rough area of ​​your location, your exact location is pinned on the map until you are killed or manage to live until the contract expires.

We don’t need to go over the glaring risks posed by this contract, instead we’ll tell you what the light at the end of the tunnel is. If you manage to survive this dangerous contract, you will not only earn a nice amount of money and XP, but also instantly revive your dead squad mates on your team. This not only makes this contract more valuable, but also makes it harder, the more members of your team that are already eliminated.

Safecracker — Safe symbol

This contract is a safe (get it?) contract and is perfect for grabbing early. War Zone 2.0 match. When you activate this contract, three vault locations will be placed on your map. Each one you go needs to be blasted with some C4, which will be pretty loud and grab your attention, but these are packed with cash and loot.

While you don’t have to open all three safes or even any of them, you get a bonus cash flow for hitting all three before the contract expires. If you can find one of these contracts early, you can easily load up on good weapons and cash to get a nice early game advantage.

Champion’s Quest (Nuke)

This contract is the most unique, rare, difficult and powerful in the entire world. War Zone 2.0. It wasn’t even discovered to be real for a while after launch. It’s the only contract with prerequisites before it comes out, and what he wants isn’t easy.

The first step to getting this contract is to win five games. War Zone 2.0 in a row That’s right, you need to win five one after another Be sure to wait for the match to finish completely after winning each one to ensure the next step is triggered.

after entering the next War Zone 2.0 After five consecutive wins, the Champion’s Quest contract location will automatically appear in any of the three regions on your map. Once you collect the contract, your first objective will be to find three Elements to assemble the nuclear bomb. As you’d expect, all three have been placed on your map for you to track down. The twist is that each Element you collect gives you a different status effect.

  • Beryllium Core will mark you as if you are making a Most Wanted contract.
  • Plutonium Core deals damage over time.
  • Titanium will turn your radar and map upside down.

If your team manages to collect all three Elements, the next thing you have to do is stay alive with them until the bomb location is shown to you. We don’t yet know how long this will last, but it will eventually be placed on your map. Go there and put all the components in the bomb and then activate it.

Finally, a two-minute timer will start until the nuclear bomb goes off. However, other teams can use this time to defuse the bomb if they get the chance, so you’ll have to protect the nuke at all costs. If no one manages to defuse it in time, the nuclear bomb explodes, the game is over and you are declared the winner.

DMZ contracts and rewards

A Fortress in Warzone 2.0.

Cargo Delivery or Shipping — Briefcase icon

This is a direct contract. You will be tasked with transporting a car or ship to your desired location. It’s not fancy, but it pays well.

Destroy Materials — Bomb symbol

This contract basically says it all in the name. You will have two spots where you need to go inside and place explosives to destroy the marked materials. This is very similar to the Safecracker convention. War Zone 2.0, but it’s a little easier as you don’t have to mess around after planting the bomb, because no loot will come out. Wherever you are, you will eventually get paid.

Eliminate HVT – Plus sign icon

This contract shares the same symbol as the Bounty contract and is functionally the same, but you are hunting an AI soldier instead of another player. You can expect them to be well protected by other AI in a building or other structure. A well-armed team shouldn’t be hard to tackle.

Geiger Search – Nuclear symbol

This contract equips you with a Geiger counter that you must use to monitor nearby nuclear materials. As you get closer to the materials, the number on the counter will increase. Once you find and collect both, subtract them to earn extra cash.

Hostage Rescue — Handcuffs symbol

This contract turns your DMZ match almost from a game like this to a mini objective match: Rainbow Six Siege. You will be tasked with infiltrating an area, killing the AI ​​and hostage protecting it, and transporting them to a landing site to claim the reward.

Hunt Squad — Skull symbol

While Eliminate HTV shares the Bounty symbol, it’s actually the Hunt Squad convention that reflects it. This will give you the rough location of an enemy team, not just a single player, other than that it works exactly like a Bounty contract.

Secure Intel — Document icon

It shares a name and symbol War Zone 2.0 contract, so basically you already know what to expect. Navigate to locations, get intel and take them to a final location to load. The only change is that the last place you have to go as the DMZ is guarded by the AI ​​soldiers you have to fight.

Raid Weapons Stash — Flag symbol

If you’re trying to secure some decent guns in the DMZ, this is the contract you want, and while it’s not risk-free, it’s rare that you get more than money for completing it. As with most contracts in the DMZ, the stash of weapons you’re diverted to will have some AI resistance to deal with. Clear them, get your money and weapons that will carry you for the rest of the match.

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