Warning, don’t ask an AI renderer to loop

AI image generators took the creative world by storm last year, unleashing a wave of stunning surreal images created with text commands. But some issues can still be difficult for their algorithms. Apparently that includes cycling.

The CyclingTips website observed the outrage around the new technology and decided to test it out by asking several AI models to render images of cycling-related scenes. If you want to avoid a horror show, close your eyes now. Some of the results look like after a particularly gruesome Tour de France stack (see our guide on how to use the DALL-E 2 to learn how the tech works).

“This isn’t a ‘Realistic, cyclist close-up’ depiction. It’s a horror show.” It says Cycling Tips. (Image credit: Cycling Tips)

Cycling Tips (opens in new tab) Ever since text-to-image rendering has made great strides forward with beta versions of diffusion models such as DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, impressive AI-generated images have captured his attention. He had to try the technology himself.

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