Walking aid for seniors comes with a box to carry their furry friend

Humans seem to be programmed to be social animals, and this is sometimes a difficult problem for some people. Loneliness affects everyone, but the pain can become more severe for people who are older and find it difficult to form new relationships because of their limited mobility. Pets have become a solution for some older folks, but that too comes with its own puzzles to solve. Older people are generally advised to go outside for as long as possible, but they are also wary of leaving their furry friends at home. Solving multiple interconnected problems can be a daunting task, but this walker concept achieves it in a way that is both simple and effective.

Designer: Feng Chang

There are certainly many designs of walking aids, some even serving multiple functions. Some are just a step above the crutches you have to lift to move forward, while others come with wheels that increase mobility at the expense of some stability. Some come with small seats for the user, while others have baskets to put their stuff. This particular walker concept combines some of these to offer a more agile yet safe companion with room for your pet when you go out.

The highlight of this walker is the big box that serves as your pet’s mobile home. You can slide the door at the top to let the little furry friend in and out, or keep it close so they don’t suddenly jump out. Of course, there are ventilation holes that allow the pet to breathe easily when closed comfortably inside.

There are several aspects of the walking aid itself that help it rise about common designs. For example, the handle moves in almost any direction, giving the user the freedom to hold it the way he chooses. There is a brake button under the handlebar to prevent the user from falling or slipping. Above the front wheels are also LED lights that can be charged via a USB-C slot on the opposite side, providing added security, especially in dark areas.

This walking aid concept is hitting two birds with one well-designed stone to help make older people’s lives a little more enjoyable and meaningful. It provides a convenient way for them to take their beloved pets for a walk while providing mobility and security for themselves. While the walker is primarily designed for very old people, anyone with reduced mobility and a small pet can still benefit from the idea, at least if it becomes a real product.

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