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Shuri (Letitia Wright) and Namor (tenoch huerta) They had a good time together at Marvel’s. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and there were moments while watching the movie where I wondered if there would be a spark of love between them. It seems that this almost happened!

according to the editor Michael P. Shawver the Black Panther The sequel almost contained a love plot between Shuri and Namor, but these scenes ended on the floor of the editing room. In an interview with Newsweek, Shawver revealed that this romance was discussed and even filmed. said:

“I think what was really interesting was that there were shots where there were some connections… and at one point in an early cut, ‘Hey, let’s leave it there? It’s the complexity of the relationship.'”

He went on to talk about Shuri’s dating as a leader and how it might be viewed:

“But then you have to be careful to portray, for example, Shuri flirting to get what he wants, rather than being a diplomatic leader and being a leader he should be, eventually reaching.”

In the end, the focus of the two characters is on a connection they share through trauma, and their friendships and alliances will be built on that:

“Ultimately, what we focused on was the phrase Namor said that ‘only the most hurt people can be truly great leaders,’ and this sows the seeds of the shared trauma that Namor finally realized. [of the film]. But in fact, they are trying to lead and be leaders in their country with all this pain, this heavy heart.”

I’m not sure if the love will work, so they made the right decision to cut that side of the story. Huerta had previously covered the idea of ​​love between characters with these words:

“I don’t feel like a romantic touch [between them]. I think it was more of a human, sincere touch. I mean, they come from the same root in the history of their kingdom, in the history of their people, and the threat comes from the same place, for the same reason, for both. Both in the story, vibranium faces threats from Western countries such as the United States and France due to natural resources. I think they are connected in that way.

“So when you meet someone and you have a good relationship, you always have this ambiguous relationship, whether you prefer that person’s gender or not. It’s normal. I don’t know if this can turn into a romantic relationship or not, that was not our intention, maybe it’s not. The beautiful part is that it doesn’t have to be romantic to be deep. You don’t have to be romantic to be beautiful, smart, and sincere. And these different levels of bond between a man and a woman don’t necessarily have to end in a romantic relationship. And that’s beautiful, you know? Because I’m Romantic I hate love, I think it’s poison. [Laughs]. These characters are creating something… I don’t know. It was fascinating, but it doesn’t have to be romantic.”

What do you think about how Shuri and Namor’s relationship is handled in the movie? Do you think any romance between them would work?

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