Using Trello as Sidebar in Firefox for a simpler workflow

Learn how to easily work with Trello as a Sidebar with this handy Firefox add-on.

Are you a Trello expert user? Are you constantly adding new cards to your boards but tired of having to go back to the Trello tab to do it? You may be interested to know that there is a simple way to interact with your Trello boards using a Firefox add-on.

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Imagine always having Trello at your fingertips, without having to add another tab to Firefox. You can simply press the keyboard shortcut to open the sidebar, work with any of your Trello boards, and then press the keyboard shortcut again to close the sidebar.

Let me show you how to install and use this Firefox extension, but with one caveat: Trello as a Sidebar is not actively monitored by Mozilla, so the extension’s security cannot be guaranteed.

What do you need to install Trello as Sidebar Firefox extension?

There are only two things you need for this extension to work: a Firefox browser and a valid Trello account. That’s it: Let’s get to the installation.

How to install Trello as Sidebar extension

Open Firefox and go to Trello as Sidebar in Firefox Browser Add-ons section. Once there, click Add to Firefox (Figure A).

Figure A

Installing Trello as Sidebar extension in Firefox.
Installing Trello as Sidebar extension in Firefox.

When prompted, click Add and then OK to finalize the installation.

Using Trello as a Sidebar

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re signed into Trello from Firefox. After doing that, all you have to do is press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+X to reveal the sidebar (Figure B).

Figure B

Trello is in use as a Sidebar extension.
Trello is in use as a Sidebar extension.

The Trello sidebar will appear immediately, showing you all of your boards and where you can start interacting with them. You will use Trello exactly as you would use it in a regular tab, only from a handy sidebar.

When you’re done, hit the same keyboard shortcut to hide the sidebar. One thing you’ll quickly discover is that there’s no button to click to reveal the sidebar – it’s all about the keyboard shortcut.

However, you can modify the shortcut to better suit your needs and phalangeal skill. To do this, click the Firefox menu and go to Add-ons and Themes. In this window, find Trello as the Sidebar extension, where you will see the keyboard shortcut area ().Figure C).

Figure C

Trello as Sidebar section of the Plugins & Themes window.
Trello as Sidebar section of the Plugins & Themes window.

In the Change Sidebar text field, type the shortcut you want to use and you’re done. You can now show and hide the sidebar with your custom shortcut.


That’s all you need to do to install and use the Trello to Sidebar extension in Firefox. This simple addition will make your Trello work a little easier, and anyone who wants to work smarter will appreciate it.

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