Uruguay Destroyed After Late South Korea Goal Finished World Cup

With Portugal already in the qualifying phase of the 2022 World Cup, the three remaining teams in Group H entered Friday’s matches to claim second place. Until things calmed down, South Korea’s one interception time goal against Portugal meant they were on their way, while the Ghana v Uruguay match saw both sides end their World Cup campaign.

A pair of goals scored in the first half by Uruguay’s Giorgian de Arrascaeta were crucial in their efforts to qualify Ghana and put themselves in the best position they could. La Celeste needed a win to ensure the Black Stars didn’t get a forward shot, and between a saved penalty and goals in the 26th and 32nd minutes, Ghana’s chances of progress depended on a draw and a loss at the very least. For Korea – it took a big hit.

Meanwhile, Portugal put an early snag on Korea’s quest for progress. Korea needed a win to secure the qualifiers, but within five minutes of their game against the European giants, Ricardo Horta scored to carry them behind 8 balls.

Korea took one back in the 27th minute thanks to Kim Young-gwon’s effort, but Uruguay secured second place as things entered the halves. Only one thing could change that: Korea scoring another goal, which would put them in second place in the goal difference.

And adding to the drama, early in the second half it looked like Uruguay would have a chance to fill the goal gap – so Korea needed to beat Portugal by two points. Darwin Núñez got into the box and was downloaded. A penalty was awarded, but VAR intervened and cleared the board.

If this World Cup has made anything clear, it’s that the football gods are a ruthless, ruthless bunch. And in the downtime, South Korea took advantage of VAR’s interference in the other game, and the perfectly executed counterattack ended with Hwang Hee-chan kicking the ball behind the net.

The news of the goal quickly reached the stadium where Uruguay played, and the team’s legendary forward Luis Suárez burst into tears when he heard the news.

Uruguay fans and the players on the bench could only hope that the 11 people on the field would do something.

However, the third goal did not come. Ghana, which has a long history with Uruguay (and especially Suárez) in the World Cup, was resilient, and as the seconds passed, the sense of helplessness and eventual destruction could be felt thousands of miles away. All the Uruguay players could do was try to confront the officials who were trying to enter the tunnel after the match.

Portugal and South Korea will soon find out who will play in the knockout phase as they are the last group to play their third Group G game a little later today.

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