Unfortunately, we may not get a USB-C iPhone until the iPhone 17.

There was great excitement in October when the Council of Europe passed legislation that would require many consumer electronics devices to have a USB-C charging port. The new rule, designed to reduce waste, also covers phones, so it means Apple will have to give us what almost everyone wants anyway – an iPhone with USB-C instead of the company’s own Lightning cable.

Accessories like AirPods would have to do the same, meaning the move effectively rings the death knell for Apple’s own charging system. But those hoping they can get USB-C on the iPhone 15 may be disappointed (see the best Apple deals for savings on Apple’s current lineup).

Apple introduced the Lightning cable in 2012 (Image credit: Petri Oosthuizen/EyeEm via Getty Images)

The Council of Europe has decided that legislation mandating new products to be shipped via USB-C enters into force on 28 December 2024. However, all products released before this date will still be allowed to remain on the market.

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