Uncommon launches annual guest program for artists with Yellowzine

The Residences will aim to personally develop a variety of creative talents at their Farringdon offices in London. They will match creative individuals and businesses with shared passions and interests to create jobs with purpose while combining knowledge and skills across industries. The partnership of different creators working from different worlds will allow for mutual learning as well as to renew the process, perspective and thinking.

The first residents confirmed to be in the program are Aisha and Oreoluwa Ayoade, co-founders and siblings of Yellowzine, the online and print platform, who will be working with Uncommon one week a month for the next six months. His work shines a light on the visual arts of African, Caribbean, Asian and Hispanic creators in the UK.

Oreoluwa Ayoade said: “We’re big fans of Uncommon and their work. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in Specialist programs and look forward to seeing what collaborations this will bring.”

Yellowzine was originally conceived in 2017 as a space for these creators to express themselves freely after launch in response to persistent racial disparities in the creative industries – something the founders both personally experienced.

Yellowzine Issue 04 | New Traditions

The recently published fourth issue, entitled New Traditions, looks at how creators have strayed from their own traditions to create their own. Featuring artists from mediums such as collage makers, illustrators, audiovisual artists, and photographers, the magazine collection is a celebration of their work.

The Yellowzine offering is divided into four parts: a physical print magazine, live events, and an 8-week creative mentoring program that connects artists with clients and collaborators and provides them with guidance to excel in their careers.

Talking about Yellowzine’s growth, Aisha Ayoade adds: “Over the past four years, we’ve accomplished some amazing things and built a community that we didn’t expect as a magazine to be on the cards. Right now, we’re on the verge of a new chapter and it feels like we’re ready to take the platform to the next level.”

Uncommon COO Tom Griffin says about his collaboration with Yellowzine: “The studio residency program is our way of approaching the exciting talent we admire. A chance to learn from each other and collaborate across the boundaries of our industry. … Editorial space is always at Uncommon. It’s something we’re excited about, and we’re big fans of the platform and community Yellowzine has created. We look forward to seeing what we can do together.”

To order a copy, visit yellowzine.bigcartel.com. Or you can follow them on Instagram.

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