UK politics – breaking news: Labor accuses government of unexpected £17bn tax gap

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Rishi Sunak looks set to face his first defeat in the House of Commons as prime minister after several Conservative lawmakers signed a Labor amendment to a bill that demanded Chancellor Jeremy Hunt disclose the full cost of unexpected tax benefits for fossil fuel firms.

This comes after Labor accuses the government of “draining” the unexpected tax on North Sea oil and gas companies, leaving gaps that are likely to cost the treasury £17bn, according to party estimates.

As is known, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, faced with pressure to increase the Energy Profits Tax, announced that the unexpected tax on oil and gas giants would increase from 25 percent to 35 percent and extend the tax until 2028.

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves said the sums that could be collected by waiving the allowance and rolling back the contingency tax to the start of 2022, and matching Norway’s 78 percent tax on North Sea firms, are equivalent to three years’ turnover. For the UK wind energy industry and could afford to insulate 6 million homes.


Ambulance workers will go on strike before Christmas

Ambulance workers in England are preparing to go on strike before Christmas after voting in favor of industrial action on pay and staffing levels.

Unison said thousands of call managers, ambulance technicians, paramedics and colleagues working for ambulance services in the North East, North West, London, Yorkshire and South West will be called on strike.

Christina McAnea, Unison general secretary, said: “The decision to take action and lose a day’s salary is always a difficult one. It is especially difficult for those whose jobs involve caring and saving lives.

“But thousands of ambulance staff and their NHS colleagues know that delays and waiting times will not decrease until the government takes action on wages. That’s why they made the difficult decision to strike.”

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David Miliband says Britain’s world has been ‘badly tainted’ since Brexit

Former foreign minister David Miliband has warned that Britain’s international position in a turbulent world is severely tarnished by delusions, arrogance and an arrogant attitude to the rule of law.

The actions and presumptions of superiority by successive British governments since Brexit have left the country on a mission to rebuild trust and credibility in the European Union and wider.

Our world affairs editor, where has Britain’s geopolitical strategy gone wrong? Kim Sengupta reports:

Namita Singh30 November 2022 05:30


Students face ‘challenges’ as failed inflation growth leaves them £1,000 worse off

According to experts, Britain’s poorest students will lose £1,000 as the government skews inflation forecasts and puts them in “significant hardship”.

The Institute for Financial Studies means students who rely on credit to make a living while studying will be “left in the cold,” even if other groups receive extra financial aid.

political assistant editor Rob Merrick reports:

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Former head of UK counter-terrorism police called Suella Braverman’s comments on immigrants ‘inexplicable’

The former head of the UK counter-terrorism police called Suella Braverman’s language about immigrants “inexplicable” and compared it to Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech.

Metropolitan Police deputy commissioner Neil Basu, the country’s most senior non-white police officer, said the racist and anti-immigration speech in 1968 made their parents’ lives “hell” as a mulatto couple.

Before leaving Scotland Yard, she was asked in an interview with Channel 4 News that Ms Braverman explained that it was her “dream” to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Read the details in this report from our internal affairs editor Lizzie Dearden:

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Labor urges government to close £17bn ‘gaps’ in unexpected energy tax

The Labor Party today accused the government of “spoiling” its unexpected tax on North Sea oil and gas companies, leaving gaps that the party calculated would cost £17bn in public finances.

Defying Jeremy Hunt, the Labor Party is today discussing an amendment to enact the chancellor’s autumn proclamation, demanding that the chancellor disclose the full cost of unexpected tax benefits for fossil fuel companies.

Our political editor Andrew Woodcock reports:

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