Twitter Blue reopens Monday with these features

Twitter is set restart Twitter Blue subscription service on Monday. After speculation, the company officially made the announcement this weekend. Twitter Blue will offer a number of features at launch, including blue checkmarks for subscribers. But users who subscribe via Twitter for iOS will pay a higher fee than those who subscribe via the Twitter website…

What can you expect from Twitter Blue for $8 (or $11)?

Twitter Blue’s headline feature will be the addition of a blue checkmark to the profiles of subscribed users. Even though Twitter launched this feature for a short time last month, it was rolled back after major problems with impersonation. This time around, Twitter says it’s doing a few things it hopes will put an end to impersonation.

After subscribing to Twitter Blue, your Twitter account will require a verified phone number to get the blue checkmark. The checkmark appears after your account has been “reviewed,” but it’s not clear what exactly this review process will entail. Also, if you change your Twitter handle, display name, or profile photo, your blue checkmark will be removed until your account is reviewed again.

To help differentiate between Twitter Blue subscribers and other brand accounts, Twitter says it will use a gold checkmark for businesses. “Government and multilateral accounts” will receive a gray checkmark. The new gold checkmark is rolling out now and the gray checkmark will be available “later in the week”.

The blue checkmark is what Twitter believes will be Twitter Blue’s biggest feature. Initially, the subscription will offer “early access” to support for editing tweets and other “certain new features”.

At some point in the future, Twitter says Twitter Blue will offer support for posting longer videos as well as uploading in 1080p. Twitter also says that replies from Twitter Blue accounts will be “prioritized” in mentions and searches. Twitter Blue subscribers will also “see half the ads”. Again, these are features the company says are “coming soon.”

Meanwhile, Elon Musk approved Twitter plans to increase the maximum tweet length limit to 4,000 characters. That’s a huge increase over the current 280 character limit. There is no information on when this change will begin. It’s also unclear whether the longer tweets will be made available to everyone or just Twitter Blue subscribers.

If you subscribe via the Twitter website, Twitter Blue will cost $8 per month. If you choose to subscribe via Twitter for iOS, Twitter charges $11 per month to offset App Store fees. There are advantages to subscribing through Apple’s system, including not having to share your billing and payment information directly with Twitter.

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