Trump news – today: House votes to liberalize Trump’s taxes as he calls ex-president Elon Musk ‘hero’

January 6 panel chair says Trump broke faith in US elections in last session

The House Ways and Means Committee voted on Tuesday to make Donald Trump’s six-year tax returns public.

The former president has long sought to stop the release of affidavits and has fought all the way to the Supreme Court to have his records claimed.

It’s unclear how quickly its taxes will be released, but with Republicans only two weeks away from officially taking control of the House, this may be the last opportunity for Democrats to disclose the new information they’ve gathered.

The vote comes a day after the House January 6 selection committee decided to refer Mr. Trump to the Justice Department for prosecution on charges related to alleged violations of at least five separate sections of the US criminal code.

The former president postponed Monday’s vote to refer the Capitol riot panel’s findings to Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith. Mr Trump claims he can no longer be prosecuted for this reason, as he was impeached on January 6, 2021 for his role in fomenting the attack on Congress. Mr. Smith also oversees the Mar-a-Lago classified documents investigation.


Trump describes Musk as a ‘hero’ and said he’s polling about leaving the Twitter CEO because he wants to quit.

The former president said in a new interview that he believes the billionaire deliberately lost a poll about his future on Twitter because he no longer wants the job of running the $44 billion acquisition business.

“I think he wants to resign, I think that’s a good way to resign, you lose in a poll and say, ‘I’m leaving,'” Trump told Chanel Rion of far-right Cable Network One. America News.

And on Tuesday night, Mr. Musk said he would eventually leave the role.

“I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the job! From now on, I will only manage the software and server teams” tweeted.

Graeme Massie It has the whole story.

Josh Marcus21 December 2022 02:09


GOP silences response to Trump’s punitive referral

The Republican Party quickly and strongly rallied behind Donald Trump, hours after federal agents seized classified documents from his Florida mansion this summer.

Four months later, that sense of intensity and urgency faded – at least for now – after the January 6 House committee voted to recommend that the Department of Justice file a criminal complaint against him. Leading Republicans largely avoided Monday’s historic criminal referral, while others pressed—or didn’t at all—weigh the silenced defenses presented.

Oliver O’Connell21 December 2022 01:45


House votes to release Donald Trump’s tax returns after years of legal battle

The democratically-controlled House Ways and Means Committee decided 24 to 16 on partisan lines to share the returns with the public.

While the bulk of Mr Trump’s tax returns have been reported by the press and scrutinized by investigators in places like New York, the statement is still a major political blow for Mr Trump, who is trying to block Congress from accessing his taxes.

More details from our full story.

Josh Marcus21 December 2022 01:29


Ethics review called for McCarthy and three other GOP lawmakers

The House of Representatives January 6 committee said on Monday that after a month-long standoff over their statements, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and three other GOP lawmakers should face ethical investigations for refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas.

Oliver O’Connell21 December 2022 00:15


Pence says charges against Trump on January 6 would be ‘horribly divisive’

“I hope the Department of Justice understands the enormity of the idea of ​​blaming a former president of the United States,” said former Vice President Mike Pence. “I think it will be terribly divisive in the country at a time when the American people want to see our recovery.”

Oliver O’Connell20 December 2022 23:15


What do we currently know about the content of the January 6 committee report?

After 18 months of investigations, hundreds of witness interviews, and nine blockbuster public hearings, the House January 6 selection committee released the first summary of the report, which promises to be an eight-part report on former president Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 results. election and the consequent violent attack on the Capitol.

On Monday, the panel unanimously approved the full report, which will be released Wednesday, along with much of the evidence it has gathered since it began its investigation in July 2021.

Here’s what we know from the executive summary released Monday:

Oliver O’Connell20 December 2022 22:15


The House January 6 committee is already collaborating with the Department of Justice

The House January 6 election committee reportedly “cooperated extensively” with the Justice Department investigation into Donald Trump’s efforts to disrupt the 2020 election, including by providing documents and data on Mr Trump’s former White House chief of staff and conservative law professor. . Who forced the plan?

By Punchbowl NewsThe panel began forwarding documents to the office of special counsel Jack Smith, appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to oversee investigations into Mr Trump’s conduct.

Andrew Feinberg20 December 2022 21:21


Trump’s personal cheerleader

The former host of the right-wing One America News Network, famous for his sycophantic coverage of former President Donald Trump, joined his team in a role primarily serving as Mr. Trump’s personal ego booster.

Oliver O’Connell20 December 2022 21:15


Larry Hogan says Trump’s January 6 report is at ‘lowest point ever’

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican evaluating the White House’s 2024 nomination, said on Monday that he believes former President Donald Trump is “at its lowest point ever” as the House of Representatives January 6 committee completes its investigation into what Hogan has described. told. The darkest days in American history.”

In an interview with the Associated Press shortly before the committee released its recommendations, Hogan said he believed the former president should be held accountable after he had “inflamed some sort of rebel crowd to attack the seat of our democracy.” However, the outgoing, limited-term governor was unclear about how Trump should be held accountable.

Oliver O’Connell20 December 2022 20:15


Five takeaways from the last public meeting of the January 6 committee

Monday marked the end of the January 6 committee’s efforts to investigate the deadly January 6 Capitol riot, and the House of Representatives selection committee held its final public hearing nearly two years after the violence unfolded.

After more than a year of work, the committee’s lawmakers have filed their final report into the congressional record and have taken the long-awaited step of filing a criminal complaint with the Justice Department, the first call for specific charges against Donald Trump’s inner circle. Deadly attack on Congress

The five most important developments from Monday’s meeting were:

Oliver O’Connell20 December 2022 19:15

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