Toyota’s Ritomo Miyata unveils the Fene

This month’s Motegi Super GT final marks the end of the four-year race in Japan for Fenestraz, which has signed a two-year deal with Nissan to race in Formula E starting next season.

The Franco-Argentinean driver had initially hoped to combine his FE commitments with a partial campaign in Super GT or Super Formula, but appears ready to focus entirely on Nissan missions instead.

During his time in Japan, Fenestraz formed a close bond with Miyata, his main rival in the championship-winning 2019 All-Japan Formula 3 season, and the two managed to share a car in Super GT for TOM’s roster this year.

Together they won a race at Fuji (image above) and eventually finished sixth in points, becoming the second highest Toyota team.

Miyata says Fenestraz’s move to FE only strengthens his determination to make a move overseas in the future.

“I am sad [Fenestraz] Miyata, “Leaving Japan.”

“I want to go there because I want to race with Sacha in Europe. We promised each other that we would fight together in Europe. So I hope he does well in Formula E and I will try to go there.”

When asked if Toyota’s absence from the FE would make such a move difficult, Miyata said: “I don’t know what will happen in the future… Toyota is in the WEC right now, but I’m talking to Toyota about it.” the future.”

Fenestraz said he hopes Miyata enters the European scene, but he didn’t rule out the possibility of rematching Miyata if he could return to Super Formula or Super GT in the future.

“He’s a very talented driver, very fast,” Fenestraz said of Miyata. “He is very professional and I hope he can find a drive in Europe.

“I hope we can fight on the track and even be teammates again in the future because it was a pleasure to race with him.

“We never know what the future will bring; when I come back, if he’s still here, we can be teammates again. Let’s see.”

Miyata steps forward for F1 super license

Last year, Miyata set his goal of earning enough points for a superlicence in F1 and his 10 points earned by finishing fourth in the Super Formula put him one step closer to the 40-point requirement.

However, his points from the 2020 Super Formula Lights championship will expire next year, and he will need to earn 30 points in the next two Super Formula campaigns to finally reach his 2024 target.

Miyata, who will continue to drive for TOM’S in Super Formula next year, said his main focus will be on improving his racing performance after a season in which he was one of the strongest performers in qualifying.

“I wanted to finish in the top three, but considering I finished 10th last year, it’s still a big step forward,” Miyata said. “There’s a big difference between finishing fourth and sixth in terms of super undergraduate scores.

“I learned a lot this year, so I want to use it for next year. I haven’t won a race this year, but I’ve usually qualified in the top two places, so my one-lap speed is good. I want to think about how to set up the car to be strong for the race.

“I will give my all to get a chance to race overseas as soon as possible.”

Additional reporting by Kenichiro Ebii

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