Top 10 Office characters ranked

Office home to many characters instantly recognizable by audiences around the world. While there are five to six characters listed in the main cast for most of the show, there are still plenty of side characters that are just as funny and memorable.

From Dwight’s geeky references Battlestar Galactica In addition to Andy’s constant recollection of his days as a member of the acapella group Here Comes Treble, these Office workers are loved by fans around the world. Of all the employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, these 10 characters are, Office has to present.

10. Creed Bratton

Creed has a fascinating history as he has held the positions of a rock star, a drug dealer, and a cult member/leader (similar to Charles Manson at the end of the series). He is also guilty of multiple crimes, including fraud, theft, and possibly murder. Creed Bratton may not even be his real name.

Creed’s character is a mystery that has baffled audiences for years, and the fact that he’s almost completely lost his grip on reality makes it even harder to narrow it down. However, his bizarre yet hilarious antics throughout the show have made him a notable member of Dunder Mifflin, even if he doesn’t technically work there.

9. Darryl Philbin


Darryl should probably be the new head of the office after Michael left. Starting out as the warehouse foreman, Darryl demonstrated excellent leadership skills and provided many great ideas that earned them an upstairs position.

Ambitious and hard-working, Darryl has turned a blind eye to Michael’s reckless and offensive antics, while Dunder Mifflin has proven to be an integral part of Scranton. And with his many single lines, keyboard skills, and silky pipes, Darryl is the kind of person he would want to work with in an office.

8. Oscar Martinez


Oscar, the only gay cast of the series, Offices breakout characters. He is a calm, intelligent accountant who keeps his deranged co-workers in check, often in the “Coalition of Reason.”

She committed adultery with Angela’s senator husband, which is a serious moral error. However, she saved herself by helping Angela stand up when she was homeless, making her one of the most trusted employees in Dunder Mifflin.

7. Kevin Malone


Kevin has gone from being the boring office clerk to a dimwitted idiot who is mistakenly believed to be mentally retarded. When Kevin isn’t making a mistake in his accounting, he either cooks his famous hot pepper (he spills it all over the lobby in a truly memorable scene) and plays with the Police cover band. scrantonicity, feeding a gambling addiction or searching for pornography on a work computer. Not surprisingly, Dwight fired Kevin in the series finale, but his childish antics and whimsical habits continue to make him one of the show’s star players.

6. Andy Bernard

the-office-andy-bernard-dunder-mifflin-series finale

After Andy was transferred to Scranton in season 3, he entered the show as an arrogant and annoying yesist who tried to get Dwight fired. But after being forced to leave for anger management therapy, Andy came back as an even more lovable underdog whose love for Cornell and music made him one of the show’s funniest characters.

Andy started acting like a narcissistic jerk again in season 9, but at the end of the series he was back to normal and found happiness with his new job at Cornell. He turned out to be cuter when his self-confidence was zero.

5. Erin Hannon


Erin first appeared in season 5 to replace Pam as the office receptionist, and she’s been around since then, becoming an adorable sunshine for everyone out there.

Throughout the series, she had a funny and loving father-daughter dynamic with Michael and a sweet relationship with Andy, at least until season 9. meeting his biological family, giving him the life he so much deserves.

4. Pam Beesley-Halpert

office series final-pam-beesly-halpert

Pam started out as the office’s docile and amiable receptionist, who chatted frequently with Jim and checked on Michael’s buffoonery. Since the show began, her character has grown exponentially when she ended her aimless relationship with Roy and married Jim and eventually became a successful artist, salesperson, and office manager (sort of).

Despite her lovable personality, Pam was too afraid to stand up for herself and embrace change, which is probably her biggest flaw. She waited so long to break up with Roy, declare her love for Jim, go to art school, confront Jim about working with Athlead, and, ironically, decide to move so Jim could pursue his dream job in Austin. However, she has grown to stand out more and be more self-confident, and she has found happiness in her ever-changing life.

3. Jim Halpert


This clever, accommodating sales rep has been the source of many of the show’s best moments. He is best known for his romantic pursuit of Pam, whom he later marries and creates an equally strong couple with PB&J. She is also famous for regularly playing elaborate and costly pranks on Dwight to alleviate her boredom, she.

While Dwight is annoying and sometimes well deserved, Jim sometimes takes his jokes too far. But for the most part, Jim is a charming and charming ordinary man who is eager to find meaning in his monotonous life with Pam and their two children.

2. Dwight Schrute

bears. Beet. Battlestar Galactica” These four words sum up Deputy Regional Manager Dwight Schrute. Growing up on an isolated beet farm, naive and ignorant Dwight has had trouble understanding what is considered normal by everyone else, and has become the victim of many of Jim and Pam’s pranks. With his skills in martial arts and deadly weapons, he once proved a danger to everyone in the office he nearly burned down.

Despite pretending to be an iron-fisted businessman, he is shown to be an inherently good person as he bonds with his co-workers, especially Michael, Jim, and Pam. He also proves to be a talented salesman worthy of the position of regional manager he took at the end of the series, despite accidentally shooting at the office.

1. Michael Scott

Steve Carell in the office.

Despite being the district manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, Michael is often seen avoiding work and holding pointless meetings in the conference room. He tries to be the center of attention with his offensive jokes and selfish actions, which causes him to gain the ire of almost everyone he encounters.

But the way the show explores his lonely childhood shows that at his core he is just a young boy who just wants to be liked and noticed by everyone. Despite his many deplorable acts, Michael sooner or later proved to be a kind-hearted person who did the right thing, earning him the title of “World’s Best Boss”.

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