Top 10 e-bike designs of 2022

Living more sustainably and consciously in 2023 should be a priority for all of us, be it changes in our daily lives, consumption or even our means of transportation. Our typical fossil fuel-consuming means of transportation need to be replaced with greener and more environmentally friendly alternatives, and Electric Bicycles are an attractive option! Not only does it reduce fuel consumption and automotive emissions, it’s also a healthy source of exercise for us! I mean, not only can we save the Earth from air pollution, but we can also get some intense cardio done. And they are becoming a more popular option by the day. By 2023, the total number of electric bikes in circulation worldwide is estimated to be 300 million, an exponential increase from 200 million in 2019. It seems that everyone is slowly and steadily jumping onto the e-bike. herd! And we’ve compiled for you a number of innovative designs that caught our attention in 2022! From the shape-shifting kick scooter that turns into an electric bike to the ultimate Pendler e-bike with modular accessories – we have a complete collection of stylish, modern and super cool e-bikes for you!

1. Pop-up Scooter

The two-wheeled electric bike, called the Popup Scooter, transforms into a small kick scooter and vice versa. This gives the driver (and his family and friends) the option to choose the configuration based on specific needs. Smooth conversion takes place thanks to the hydraulic cylinder used to adjust the ride height on regular bikes. This hydraulic mechanism is capable of lifting an adult, so lifting and lowering the rider’s torso should be no problem. At a basic level, the concept is not just another plan that looks good on paper but falls in the face when it comes to creating the actual prototype or even a production model.


E-bikes are now a household name, a common mode of transportation for cyclists in many cities – with safety norms. Add to that the convenience of being able to fold the bike in an instant, and it becomes a versatile option for getting from point A to point B efficiently, effectively and quickly. To provide this portability and convenience, the ONEBOT-S7 uses a unique three-fold structure that makes the e-bike ultra-compact when folded so it can fit, as opposed to the two-stage folding design we’re all familiar with. slide it into the trunk of your car or under your workstation (how and where you want to use it). Compressed into the smallest possible single unit, this e-bike measures just 60cm high and long and only 35cm wide when folded.

3. VanMoof Bike

VanMoof motorcycle, which has a minimal but solid-looking frame, draws attention with its red and black color group. While GMC doesn’t mention which model this is, it just looks and feels like a special version of the e-bike company’s Red Dot Award-winning S3 model. However, this new set of colors comes from the minds of Dao-Yi Chow, a New York-born designer who co-created street-savvy fashion brand Public School in 2008 and garnered critical acclaim from many major fashion establishments. awards (CFDA’s Swarovski Award for Menswear and Menswear Designer of the Year, USA Woolmark Menswear Award). “

4. BaoPham Design’s E-bike Concept

This e-bike concept from BaoPham Design features centerless wheels that reduce the rotational inertia found in heavier wheels. Equipped with thin road bike tires, BaoPham’s concept e-bike has an aerodynamic structure that eliminates the extra friction caused by air pressure and skin friction to give the bike a fast ride. Conceptualized with a fast Z-frame by BaoPham Design, the e-bike concept will house an electric motor located in the rear wheel rotor of the bike, which will be activated when the pedals are moved. The Z-frame of BaoPham Design’s e-bike will be made of all-metal or aluminum for a sleek look and a fast ride. Additionally, the hubless wheels of BaoPham Design’s e-bike reduce the rotational inertia found in spoke and hub wheels.

5. Titaa

While riding manual unicycles can be too much of a learning curve for many, self-balancing, electric unicycles feel more like something we can all get behind. Conceptualized by Husky Design, a unicycle with just such mechanics, the Titaa is a dual-purpose, modular vehicle that can convert from a bicycle to a self-balancing unicycle. In its full form, the Titaa is an electric two-wheeled vehicle in the form of a cargo bike. When riding the Titaa as a two-wheeled vehicle, users sit upright on a raised seat rest that slopes down toward the bike’s foot pedals. There, users can rest their feet while the engine charges the e-bike in front. Built into the rear wheel component, the Titaa runs on a battery-powered system that can be replaced and recharged alongside the vehicle’s foot pedals.


Called LAMBROGio and LAMBROGino, these electric tricycles are also pedal-assisted and each has its advantages. Contoured shapes dominate their design for minimal airflow resistance. Weight has also been reduced to a minimum, which helps to save the battery economically and extend the total mileage. The cargo version has a front door that acts as a canopy for the driver. While the passenger version of the electric bike could benefit from a similar shade for hot or rainy days, customization is still as far away as an auto shop.

7. ENGWE X26 all-terrain e-bike

It’s certainly reasonable, but not ideal, especially if you’re hiking on trails that even your strong legs will have trouble getting through. The ENGWE X26 all-terrain e-bike, by contrast, gives you all the power you need to conquer any road and almost any distance. The strength of the ENGWE X26 comes from two features that are an industry first for this type of electric vehicle. For one, it has a powerful 1000 W motor that can boost your speed to a maximum of 31 mph. While this is the maximum power it can deliver, the e-bike also delivers a steady and reliable 750W output, outpacing the 500W motors of the average e-bike. All this power gets you to work on rough terrain and slopes in no time, which means you’ll glide quickly on smoother pavement.

8. PXID – A1

Named the PXID – A1, this compact electric bike folds down to the size of a small suitcase for easy transport in the trunk or even to the office floor if the boss allows it. The folding bike is powered by 14-inch tires and the rear tires are powered by a built-in electric battery for assistive riding on slopes. The seat height is adjustable and compared to the previous S1 model, the revised design matches an angled frame design. This gives the A1 a much better foldable aesthetic that is practical in use. In fact, it’s so compact in the foldable position that you can even put more luggage in the trunk of your car with the A1 foldable electric bike that fits in a corner!

9. Pendler Bike

Christened to the Pendler bike, it takes its name from the Danish word pendling (meaning commute) and is a nod to the country’s deep cycling culture. The idea of ​​this concept is mainly focused on the U-shaped frame, which is a thick structural element. This gives the two-wheeled vehicle an identifiable silhouette for city driving needs. Great attention is paid to Pendler’s aesthetics and viable performance, which is essential for bringing a design for mass production to life.

10. Pilot Bike

This final design is focused on a lightweight 7005 series aluminum frame and striking hubless wheel features. To complete the hubless wheel design, which was functional down to the last detail, Franz enlisted help from his mechanical engineer colleagues. Finally, the off-center axle design had additional gearing to turn the wheels at an appropriate rate with the pedaling action. This is assisted by the onboard engine for extra support on hills when the throttle is depressed. The pilot bike finally came to life after numerous tweaks and changes to the design. The next step was to complete the colors, materials and finishes.

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