Tim Cook today paid tribute to Sony’s long-term partnership with Apple over a decade of creating cutting-edge camera sensors for successive iPhone models.

Inside chirp During a visit to Sony’s camera development facility in Kumamoto, Japan, Cook acknowledged the company’s successful partnership with Apple to create “the world’s leading camera sensors for the iPhone” and thanked the team at the facility for showing him around.

Apple doesn’t usually reveal the specific manufacturers of hardware components it uses in iPhones, but Sony’s use of camera hardware has long been known to close followers of the company’s supply chain.

Apple reportedly used Sony’s camera sensor for the iPhone 6, and subsequent hardware disassembly by companies like iFixit identified Sony-made components in successive “iPhone” models.

Cook’s tweet shows that Apple’s partnership with Sony is strong, and rumors in this direction signal the Japanese company’s contributions to future Apple products. For example, according to the November report Nikkinext year’s iPhone 15 models will be equipped with Sony’s latest “state-of-the-art” image sensors.

Compared to standard sensors, Sony’s image sensor doubles the saturation signal at each pixel, allowing it to capture more light to reduce under- and overexposure. Nikki He said he was able to better photograph a person’s face even with a strong backlight.

Apple is working on a periscope telephoto lens that will improve the optical zoom capabilities of the ‌‌iPhone 15‌‌ Pro and allow up to 10x optical zoom to match some Android smartphones on the market. Since Apple typically uses different technology for each lens, Sony image sensor technology will likely be used for the Wide camera, which Apple sees as the “main” camera of the “iPhone”.

Also next year, Sony is expected to supply Apple with an OLED-on-silicon (OLEDoS) – also known as micro-OLED – display for the company’s first-generation mixed reality headset.

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