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Manager Tim Burton‘s Batman the films are fondly remembered by fans as the only tonally wild and colorful, wacky and cartoon-like live-action films that Burton brings to his films. they gave us Michael Keatonas the cloaked crusader who goes down as one of the best to wear the cloak and the hood. But further, Batman Returnsit almost looked very different from the film we had.

According to the film’s archive page on Turner Classic Movies, it took some time for the studio to convince Burton to make another movie. After doing this, the first change made was to the script, Sam Hamm, who wrote a screenplay they weren’t too excited about. Manufacturers brought daniel waterswho wrote black comedy before heathersto write the movie.

Burton said the sequel also required a completely new look, and he abandoned the idea of ​​working on Anton Furst’s remaining sets from the first film in England and hired production designer Bo Welch, who had designed the director’s previous features. insect juice (1988) and Edward Scissors Hands (1990). Burton has also secured the services of a large number of King Penguins who need to be flown from England on a refrigerated plane and kept happy and healthy with a refrigerated caravan, a swimming pool filled with half a ton of ice daily and daily delivery. fresh fish.

Nor was Michael Keaton on board to return as the Dark Knight until the studio offered him a significantly higher salary. With the new script, Keaton also managed to bring deeper tones of anger and neurosis to Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter-ego. Arguably, the greater acting opportunities and higher salary helped placate the fact that with so much focus on the extravagant Penguin and Catwoman characters, the lead role is almost a supporting actress in her own story.

Burton wanted to act Marlon Brando As Penguin, but the studio said no as they preferred Dustin Hoffmanand Batman creator Bob Kane Brando said absolutely no to his suggestion. Also taken into account Christopher Lloyd. When Burton and Waters redrawn the character as a deformed, vindictive, half-human/half-bird villain, Danny DeVito was trained for the role. He was reluctant at first, but after talking to his close friend, he agreed. Jack Nicholson, that his role as the Joker in the first movie was a huge financial win for him. DeVito threw himself into the role, despite the hours of makeup required to make him Penguin and a level of secrecy surrounding the character’s appearance that prevented DeVito from discussing it even with his family.

Michelle Pfeiffer Nor was she the first choice to play Catwoman. Annette Bening It was signed but she had to quit when she got pregnant. Julie Newmar, one of three actresses to star in the TV show, reportedly lobbied for the role despite being close to 60. Sean Young appeared on the Warner Brothers lot to aggressively pursue the business. Young originally starred as Vicki Vale in the first movie, but was replaced after she broke her collarbone in an accident on set. Kim Basinger. In the early ’90s, Young was famous for her difficult and erratic behavior, so when she came to the studio in a Catwoman costume, the producers went to great lengths to avoid her, and Burton allegedly hid under her desk. it has been reported that Lena Olin and Madonna They were also shortlisted for the role, but Pfeiffer finally signed on for the role for $3 million, $2 million more than Bening was asking for.

Burgess MeredithThe actor who played Penguin in the TV series was asked to play the character’s father at the opening of the movie, but his illness prevented him from doing so. Burton then brought in the two stars of his first feature film. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985), paul “Pee-pee Herman” Rubens and Diane Salingerto play the character’s parents.

I think all of these choices were great choices. I can’t even imagine some of these other options! Although I am intrigued by a Penguin played by Marlon Brando! Are there any of these alternatives you would like to see in these roles?

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