This New Web3 Vintage Fashion Brand Hosts A Twitter Space With Gucci and Bored Ape Yacht Club

MNTGE, a collaborative digital wearable brand built on vintage apparel, is garnering serious attention and hasn’t even launched yet.

The brainchild of co-founders Nick Adler, Sean Wotherspoon and Brennan Russo, the team combines heritage and cutting-edge technology. “We really think about the brand first, and we think we’ve built a really strong brand that taps into the creative potential of digital fashion,” Adler says.

The foundation includes digitized copies from Wotherspoon’s vintage archive of more than 4,000 garments, from retro jackets to touring T-shirts, as well as ‘inspired’ pieces from the collections of other cultural leaders and industry enthusiasts. “People who lend themselves to exaggerating monster culture,” Adler says. “Because they’re trendsetters,” adds Russo.

Then the fun begins. The named artists and fashion designers will put their own creative stamp on digital pieces through ‘INKS’, additional layers that will bring garments to life.

The list of collaborators is still hidden, but if you’re looking for clues, the co-founders’ pedigrees and various connections may provide a clue or two.

Adler has great deals between artists and brands in the entertainment industry, has Snoop Dogg as a business partner, and is also both an investor and advisor for The Sandbox, Yuga Labs and Non-Fungible Labs. Alongside his legacy archive collection, Wotherspoon is a designer and creative director on projects with adidas, Nike, Porsche and more. Russo is a brand experience specialist and former manager of music and sports collaborations at adidas.

Clothing links fantastically well with web3 and fashion credentials. Today, to celebrate the release of their alpha series of mint transitions (designed like clothing labels), the MNTGE team has a MNTGE Twitter SpaceWith Gordon Goner of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Robert Triefus of Gucci, CEO of both Gucci Vault and Gucci Metaverse Ventures and vice president of corporate and brand strategy for the Italian powerhouse.

In the future, as interoperability increases, so will real-world extensions, AR filters, and possible integrations with Snapchat and various PFP projects. See above for potential partnerships. Ultimately, Adler says, the goal is to match one-on-one IRL parts to their digital twins.

Currently, the increase in physical vintage pieces can range from 100% to 300%. “The idea is that the mint pass can give you access to a selection at prices we think are much fairer.”

The birth of MNTGE took place 18 months ago during a visit to Wotherspoon’s Second Round vintage store. “I was speechless when you told me a t-shirt was worth $2,000,” Adler said. Unlike a Gildan, it carried a Hanes tag (old-fashioned fans will understand), it just faded and was a fugitive to boot!

“All that made it more valuable,” he explained. “I noticed you were talking to me about traits, origin and rarity. There was a lot of similarity with NFTs.” The next question was how to chain it and make the representation as unique and detailed as possible.

The digitized views are impressive – achieved by a detailed camera rig that takes up to 360-degree photos of each garment. “So we have Pixar-level designers putting it all together,” Adler explains.

Provides access to 1500 MNTGE mint passes, scheduled experiences and airdrops, as well as collectibles. Following the release of the allow list today, the remainder will go to the public draw tomorrow, December 15.

Apart from the scam, MNTGE is also a strong business proposition. With a market capitalization of over $96 billion in 2021 (expected to double by 2026), vintage apparel is one of the fastest growing sectors in the fashion industry. Combine that with the web3 market size of $81.5 million projected by 2030 and you’ll see what you mean.

Adler concludes that the end of the game is to “innovate fashion and build a sustainable first brand of the future.”

Twitter weekly domains have been working for a while. They feature MNTGE advisory and investor panel members, including Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoroso, Colette co-founder Sarah Andelman, Cordell Broadus aka Snoop Dogg’s son Champ Medici, and adidas alum Jon Wexler, each with an audience of 2,000 to 10,000 they are winning. episode.

MNTGE Twitter Space With Treifus of Gucci and Gordon Goner of Bored Ape Yacht Club, it’s on the air today, December 14, at 16:00. PST.

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