This beautiful smart lamp helps you relax by soothing your senses.

Different people try to relax in different ways. Some just need to shoot a good video and lose themselves in hours of fun. But others need something a little higher. Calming music, pleasant aromas, and even hypnotic candlelight can help us push a button in our brains and start calming down. Each of us has a unique preference, but these preferences can change in an instant. However, most relaxation products only cater to one or at most two use cases, limiting what you actually get when it comes to washing the senses with positive stimuli. Therefore, this smart lamp concept removes these barriers to provide a multi-sensory experience that will delight and relax the senses to help you enter this calm state.

Designer: Anil Ramesh (Analogy Design)

Some people close their eyes tightly when they want to block the world, while others prefer to be mesmerized by the flickering lights. Some take their favorite type of music for relaxation, while others prefer the scents of essential oils. Of course, there are different ways to help calm our body and mind, and there are different products that target these different senses. If you want to combine all three or switch between them once in a while, you will have to purchase all three types.

Idiya goes beyond these single-sensor devices and combines all three experiences into one elegant solution. A smart lamp, not by chance, resembling a giant candle from the outside. After all, looks are for the eyes, so it’s very important that the product comes in a familiar and aesthetically pleasing package. The slightly curved middle surface surrounded by a smooth wall resembles the basic candle shape, while the different and changing colors of the lamp adapt to one’s preferences and inclinations.

However, the device is also a smart speaker that can radiate sound in a full 360 degrees. A mobile app lets you choose your preferred soundscape or theme and even match it with candlelight. Finally, there is also an essential oil diffuser that completes the equation and creates a more powerful and captivating experience that will definitely change the atmosphere of your home or room.

Truth be told, the Idiya is technically a mix of three different devices, but it’s such an elegantly executed combination that you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been made into a real product yet. Some probably prefer simpler, disposable items, but human desires can change so often that a single device targeting three of your five senses may be a more efficient and economical way to relax and find your center.

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