Therabody Smart Goggles Review: Heat, Vibrations and Massage

Modern world it messed up my brain. I need constant stimulation, watching TV and browsing TikTok at the same time, or playing Tetris while I have all of Jenna Ortega’s outfits in my mind. Wednesday in my cart I know. I need help.

I am not quite a few the adult equivalent of an iPad kid. At least, I can still lift my phone in front of others. But when I combined my phone addiction with my job typing on a computer screen, my head and eyes started to rebel. I suffer from eyestrain and severe headaches, the latter may or may not be a result of the habits mentioned above. Sometimes the headaches are throbbing, hitting me like lightning. As an added precaution, my vision occasionally blurs for up to 20 minutes before pain appears. (These ocular migraines started before we even had a smartphone, after all.)

I thought a life of pain and discomfort was my destiny, I had nothing left to blame but my own bad choices. But then I tried Therabody’s smart glasses. The company is best known for their Theraguns, which are powerful and professionally priced massage guns. I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard about these glasses – they may either be great or they may be an overpriced gimmick, but my throbbing brain needed a solution. Luckily, these hot, vibrating glasses turned out to be old-fashioned. I love them.

massage envy

via Therabody Medea Giordano

Smart glasses work by combining massage, heat and vibrations to relieve headaches and reduce eye strain and tension. They look a bit like VR headsets, and when I bring them over my eyes, I feel like I have to teleport somewhere. I have a few sensory issues and if something even touches me the wrong way I can feel incredibly uncomfortable very quickly, but these feel good, not annoying. It also has an adjustable strap to make it looser or tighter. The eye area is padded enough and it is easy to wipe off that part. You have to use it on clean skin but sometimes I need to use it in the middle of a full makeup day.

The glasses are Bluetooth-enabled and connect to the Therabody app (available on iOS and Android), where you can adjust the controls and session times from five to 30 minutes. There are also small buttons on the top of the actual device. I like to have the option of not using my phone, but in the app the adjustments are much easier and straightforward. You can turn off the vibrations and heat, but the massager is always on. It is squeezing enough to relieve the pain but not bothersome, and it loosens and contracts often enough not to bother you. To be honest, it took a while for my husband to get used to the feeling, while it might squeeze my brain a little more. (I was imagining myself opening my head like Dr. Finkelstein. nightmare before christmas.)

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