The worst tech of 2022 and the future of crypto

I scoured the internet for today’s most entertaining/important/scary/charming stories about technology.

1 Elon Musk says he will step down as CEO of Twitter
As soon as you find someone “stupid enough to take the job”. (Guard)
+ It claims to retain control of the software and server teams. (WP$)
+ Musk seems to be moving on vibes at this point. (MS$)
+ Twitter has hired an executive who has been excluded from their IT systems. (Bloomberg$)
+ Journalists banned and reinstated by Musk are still being silenced. (To cut)

2 One of the largest crypto mining companies in the US goes bankrupt
Core Scientific has become the industry’s latest victim after accumulating too much debt. (CNBC)
+ Crypto miners and traders in Asia sell their expensive equipment. (rest of the world)

3US plays games with Chinese chip makers
American export sanctions are coming in intense and fast to try and block new chip projects. (MS$)

Problem with trying to ban TikTok
The company has become a boogeyman for Big Tech in Washington. (vox)

5 The future of optical computing looks bright
After decades of slow development, progress is finally being made. (Economist $)

6 Pollen start is inside the boom of the music event
Drugs, sexual harassment allegations and reckless spending all played a role. (Inside $)

7 Fake news is getting more and more fake
But there is still time to rein in the most dangerous deep fake scenarios. (Atlantic $)
+ People hire their faces to be deepfake-style marketing clones. (MIT Technology Review)

8 signs NASA’s Insight Mars spacecraft
The lander loses solar power after four years of transmitting the information back to Earth. (NPR)
+ Britain’s first spacecraft has been licensed. (Interaction)

9 The joy of Reddit
Now that Google search results are becoming less and less useful, Reddit is a rich hub of incredibly private information. (New York $)

10 How billionaires threaten our security
Capitalism is not always good for the code. (Wired $)
+ 2022 has been a bad year for the billionaire reputation overall. (vox)

Word of the Day

“The flow made the music so smooth and painless. Everything is so easy. A tap on the ring finger, middle finger, little click, that’s it.”

—Legendary musician Bob Dylan complains to the Wall Street Journal about the convenience of music streaming platforms.

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