The Orion capsule bounces off the atmosphere to complete the hottest and fastest reentry ever, shutting down NASA’s Artemis 1 mission

NASA’s Orion capsule has survived the hottest and fastest reentry by a spacecraft, deliberately jumping through the atmosphere before splashing out on the coast of Baja California, Mexico.

Uncrewed capsule launched November 16 atop a 30-story Space Launch System “mega-moon rocket” as part of NASA’s $20 billion budget Artemis 1 The mission made its triumphant return from a record-breaking 26-day, 1.4 million-mile (2.2 million-kilometer) round trip. moon this afternoon at 12:40 PM EST (December 11th). Capable of holding six crew members, the “textbook entry” of the uncrewed capsule is the culmination of an almost flawless test mission. Next time the rocket takes flight, it will be with people on board.

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