The mind-blowing 270W GaN Charger is a tiny powerhouse that can charge three laptops simultaneously

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as powerful as this.

Named Zeus after the Greek god of thunder and lightning, this tiny GaN charger holds the title of being the world’s smallest and most powerful charging brick. At just 3.5 inches long and 2 inches wide (and 45% lighter than other industry-leading chargers), Zeus is a massive 270W charger that allows it to charge 4 devices simultaneously while efficiently managing the power delivery to fast charge your devices. It comes with the output. . This 270W output helps clear clutter from your workspace by giving Zeus the ability to charge up to 3 laptops simultaneously, allowing you and your partner to basically work in the same room without having to fight over who needs the closest outlet. to the table.

Designer: Chargeasap Technologies

Click to Buy Now: $119 $219 (46% discount). To hurry! Only 7 days left!

The Chargeasap Zeus is a versatile little beast designed to take up minimal space on the power strip without blocking other outlets, and compact enough to slip right into your backpack when not in use. On the top are 4 ports, including a USB-A port that outputs 22.5W and three USB-C ports, two with 100W and one 140W. A small OLED screen right next to the ports gives you detailed statistics of power delivery so you know which devices are fast charging based on their power consumption.

The way Zeus works is to use GaN semiconductors instead of those made from Silicon Carbide. Gallium Nitride, or GaN, offers incredible efficiency when it comes to power transmission, resulting in a smaller electric brick that doesn’t get too hot. This gives Zeus (and other GaN chargers) the ability to manage high power delivery in a device smaller than the big, bulky, brick-shaped charger that comes with your laptop.

Zeus acts as an intermediary between your gadget and the power outlet, streamlining the experience by reducing the number of outlets and power bricks you need. With Zeus, all you need is one socket to charge multiple devices, from your laptop to a phone, tablet, monitor or a host of other devices. What’s remarkable is that Zeus also works well if you’re a travel lover, with interchangeable plug adapters that work internationally, so you’ll never struggle in a hotel room with a single outlet for both your phone and laptop.

The USB-A port also does some heavy lifting, although it’s overshadowed by the 3 USB-C ports right next to it. Zeus’ USB-A port is specially designed for Android users and supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and 36W supporting many other fast charging technologies such as Oneplus (22.5W), OPPO SVOOC (22.5W) and Huawei. Provides power output. Super Charge (22.5 W). However, it also has Apple Quick Charge support, which helps you quickly charge your iPhone after spending a whole day shooting TikTok videos.

What really blows the mind is the Zeus’ 270W output – this feature seems to be coming back again and again. In the past, we’ve covered GaN chargers that go up to 100W, but a 270W charger really feels like overkill, although it has some unique appeal. It has the ability to replace every other power unit you own, allowing you to power all your work devices, from laptops, phones, and tablets to cameras, GoPros, speakers, headphones, Nintendo Switches, microphones, and even other assistive devices. drones.

Still, this isn’t Chargeasap’s first rodeo. The Sydney-based company has previously worked on GaN chargers and launched the world’s smallest 200W charger, the Omega, in 2020. Zeus is a completely different beast, going far beyond what even companies like Anker and Belkin can do. You can get Zeus on Kickstarter for $119 (46% off MSRP) and deliveries will occur in May 2023.

Click to Buy Now: $119 $219 (46% discount). To hurry! Only 7 days left!

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