The Mets moved to sign Carlos Correa to a 12-year, $315 million deal after the Giants mess.

Carlos Correa will now be a New York Text.

The Mets and Correa reached a 12-year, $315 million deal late Tuesday night, according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post. Team owner Steve Cohen and Correa’s manager, Scott Boras, settled the blockbuster contract in a matter of hours while the billionaire was in Hawaii, Heyman reported.

Correa, an All-Star centerback who played with the Minnesota Twins last season, is expected to advance to the third stage as the Mets have Francisco Lindor on the back.

The monstrous deal pushes the Mets’ payroll to an estimated $384 million and luxury tax payments of $111 million. Cohen, benefactor of luxury tax penalties at his level, she doesn’t seem to care.

The reported signing ended a frenzied string of events Tuesday after the San Francisco Giants, who had previously agreed to a 13-year, $350 million free agency contract, delayed Correa’s promotional press conference scheduled for earlier in the day. However, that press conference was delayed due to a medical concern raised during the physical exam, the Associated Press reported.

Most contracts in MLB, especially high-dollar free agency deals, are not finalized until the player in question has passed a physical examination conducted by the signing team. If problems arise during this physical examination, the deal may be renegotiated, canceled altogether, or continued as planned.

Correa has dealt with a variety of health issues and injuries throughout her career, including back and neck issues while with the Astros before her time with the Twins. Again, the nature of the current concern is not yet known so it may not be related to any previous issue.

Correa, who turned 28 in September, spent 2022 with the Gemini for up to a $35.1 million one-year contract with a two-year $70.2 million insurance policy in case his performance declines or he suffers a catastrophic injury. Neither did, and Correa withdrew from his contract after the season and is ready to make money off this season.

His deal with the Giants would be the biggest ever for a centre-back, and the biggest ever for a former #1 overall draft pick. Overall, Correa’s $350 million deal would be the fourth-largest deal for an MLB player, only Mike Trout’s $426.5 million extension with the Angels, Mookie Betts’ $365 million deal with the Dodgers extension and Aaron Judge’s recent $360 million deal with the Yankees. . Earlier this season, the Giants came close to signing Aaron Judge, who eventually returned to the Yankees.

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