The internet is calling for the most misleading movie poster designs

A well-designed movie poster can do wonders for generating excitement about a new movie. There are a number of strategies that movie posters can adopt, from portraying each member of a stellar cast to a more enigmatic approach that inspires intrigue. But what a movie really shouldn’t do is completely mislead the audience about what to expect.

Sometimes, though, poster designers seem to take desperate measures to attract moviegoers. At least, that’s the opinion of those who contributed to a discussion on the subject on Reddit. From gritty dramas portrayed as light-hearted comedies to the use of actors killed in the first five minutes or situations that are not in the movie at all, people can ask for their money back if they want to. The movie based on the poster designs below. For more poster inspiration, see our selection of the best print ads.

The Day The Earth Stopped

No invasions, no blondes, and no giant monkeys in this movie (Image credit: r/MisleadingFilmPosters on Reddit)

Someone on Reddit nine years ago (opens in new tab) ‘Which is the most misleading movie poster?’ There is now a subreddit (opens in new tab) it is full of funny examples of designers who are totally devoted to this subject and who interpret the themes, atmosphere and plot of the films very liberally.

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