The booing of Elon Musk is the funniest thing that can happen on a Dave Chappelle show.

There is an old saying: money can’t buy happiness, but it’s a start. This is true; You can’t buy the way to happiness, but you can put everything in its place to get it. You can pay off your debts, get rid of your overdraft and make the people in your life comfortable so you don’t have to worry about them. You can create a life for yourself that relieves some of the stress that comes with being human in general.

What money cannot buy you is a new personality. If you surround yourself with people who say you’re cool or smart, that doesn’t make you those things. If anything, doing this makes you even more of a loser. In fact, if you’re rich and you’re still worried about this kind of thing, there probably isn’t enough money in the world to make you happy, so you can give up right now.

On a completely unrelated note: at a comedy show in San Francisco last night, controversial stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle introduced the slightly more controversial billionaire and Twitter owner Elon Musk on stage during his set. The guest’s arrival was a surprise, but the crowd reacted as you would expect if your night out was interrupted by a man who spends a small nation’s GDP on providing a safe space to harass far-right minority communities: like a vengeful (but somewhat lazy) God from above. they booed him.

It was the funniest thing that ever happened on a Dave Chappelle show.

I would say that you should go and watch the video of the event as soon as possible, but it is impossible not to feel a little sad for the man at least. Don’t get me wrong: Musk has done and deserves much worse. at Chappelle. You’re certainly not a bad person when it comes to two men who seem to have decided to use their unbelievable wealth and massive platform to bully vulnerable people as revenge for the fact that they are old, grumpy and realize they are. If they’re not happy in their life at this point, they probably never will be.

But watching someone just collapse to the ground when faced with irrefutable evidence that he’s a complete idiot in the eyes of most right-thinking people, sets off my scare alarm. It is not a conscious decision I make not to take pleasure in the misfortune (no matter how small) of a person I despise. I only have one thing that Musk and Chappelle absolutely lack: basic human empathy.

That doesn’t make me a saint, just someone who struggles to watch someone perish in front of thousands of people. Still – and I can’t stress this enough – it’s objectively hilarious.

I think the coolest thing about it is that it’s a living example of what happens when Musk is confronted with what he’s arguing about: freedom of speech.

Now I don’t believe for a second that Musk believes in freedom of speech – or even really understands it. Given the fact that the account that posted the video of the Musk bombing (on the platform Musk owns, remember) has since disappeared, there’s plenty of evidence that it’s actually a major proponent of the opposite. Forget reports of him threatening to fire people who criticize him or his anti-union stance, or trying to silence the press exposing flaws in his business practices.

This is a broader topic on the right in general, but the truth is that while they may seem like they are flying the flag of freedom of speech, they are actually saying whatever they want and never being corrected or criticized. But freedom of speech lives or dies in this correction and criticism. That’s the value freedom of speech adds to society: stopping stupidity or cruelty where it is and saying “sorry, we’re not interested”.

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Musk saw the full force of true freedom of speech last night when a large crowd of people firmly told him that they would not bow to his ego. They wouldn’t join the cult of personality she’s created among 14-year-old boys and divorced dads on Twitter and 4chan.

The dream implication here is why Musk goes and thinks that a wall of Dave Chappelle fans – who, by the way, are willing to put up with so many things – fried him like Christmas ham. Why didn’t a group of people object to Chappelle’s increasingly problematic comments, looking at him and saying, “sorry, there actually turned out to be a limit.”

Obviously he won’t. Money may not buy a new personality, self-reflection, or moral improvement, but it buys enough of a yes man to convince you that you’re right, even when the world keeps telling you that you’re the furthest thing from it. . Musk’s first tweet after the incident was: “The awakened mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters” – so maybe don’t put all your eggs in that basket.

I guess he’ll just get into his own little bubble and blast conspiracy theories about how people don’t like him because liberals are forcing them to dislike him, and he’ll somehow enjoy the praise of people who are more pathetic than he is, until everything explodes. on. But hey, we’ll always see this video of the light going out in his eyes when he realizes how hated he really is. At least this is something.

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