The biggest personal care innovations of 2022

Our new pandemic normal has made relieving stress and monitoring our health a prime target for most personal care products in 2021. But this year has seen a flood of launches to leave the house and show off: vibrant cosmetics, anti-aging formulas and gadgets, and skincare products designed to protect from outdoor pollutants. From a multidimensional hair dye that harnesses the iridescence of butterfly wings to an end-of-life solution that nourishes rather than pollutes the Earth, these 10 health and beauty products offer real innovation in a world unlike any other. often full of trendy terms and empty promises.

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Grand Prize Winner: AR Beauty Tutorials on TikTok by Grace Choi: Filters intended to educate, not manipulate

Most TikTok filters let you play pretend and “try on” makeup, or, more subtly, distort the shape of your face to fit an unattainable standard, but next-gen augmented reality overlays aim to teach you something instead. Harvard MBA graduate Grace Choi, credited with creating the 2020 BOWN award-winning Mink’s makeup palette printer, changed the dialogue this year with a digital eyebrow stencil and contouring filter. While tutorials often assume that the viewer shares the same face shape as the performer, Choi notes that his filter can map the slopes and slopes of each user’s unique features and guide makeup placements accordingly. The technique, which involves using contrasting light and dark pigments to subtly highlight some parts of your facial structure and shrink others, is very difficult to master using videos as the ideal pigment placement varies depending on bone structure. Choi’s filter instantly creates an easy-to-follow diagram that shows you exactly where to apply your makeup to highlight your cheekbones and accentuate your chin.

YSL Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure by L’Oreal: Optional personalized lipstick


Whether you want your lipstick to match the sunset or your blouse, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure can produce any shade with the touch of a button. The handheld system uses color cartridges in interchangeable palettes of red, tan, orange and pink to create thousands of personalized hues. The accompanying app lets you scan any object for reference or peruse a color wheel for inspiration. You can even try the color virtually before the gadget mixes it for you. A pigment-packed moisturizing lipstick transforms into a sleek, removable YSL palette on the top of the device; Perfect for touch-ups on the go.

Gro Ageless by Vegamour: A duo that keeps you from getting gray


According to a 2016 study, less than 30 percent of graying hair is determined by your genes. Nature. Instead, it is predominantly caused by stress, excessive UV exposure, diet, and smoking. The increased inflammation damages melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells in the hair, and lowers their color tone. Research suggests that maintaining healthy levels of B vitamins, copper, zinc, and selenium may protect melanocytes from damage. Vegamour’s Gro Ageless system contains oral supplements to combat these deficiencies from within, along with a hair root penetrating serum to stimulate melanocyte stem cells. Plant-based products add shine to strands, improve the texture of aging curls, and can even help restore color as new hair grows.

Smoke Alarm Drops by Pour Moi: A serum that protects your skin from wildfire smoke


It’s no secret that our planet is in trouble, and that means your skin is too. Pour Moi Smoke Alarm Drops is the first serum specially formulated to protect the skin when exposed to smoke. Some skin care products that trap moisture can also trap pollutants. The resulting oxidative stress (an imbalance in the body’s ability to remove toxins or repair damage) can cause sagging due to loss of collagen, fine lines and wrinkles, and rough texture. Drops of Pour Moi address this problem by creating a shield on the surface layer of the skin using hyaluronic acid, emollients and soothing and restorative herbs.

CurrentBody’s Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask: An eye mask that melts away stress while you sleep


This mask is meant to help you get your beauty sleep, literally and figuratively. The inside of the Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleeping Mask is covered with slightly raised silicone dots. Each one unnoticed presses on some of the more than 17,000 touch receptors on the skin of your face. These receptors turn mechanical pressure into electrical signals for your autonomic nervous system, telling your brain to raise your eyebrows. Wearing the eye shield for just 15 minutes can help relax your muscles and make it easier to fall asleep. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles between your eyebrows for up to five hours, as it smoothes your forehead.

The Loop Cocoon by Loop Biotech: The world’s first living coffin


It’s time to close the loop in the life cycle. Modern burial practices pump heaps of toxic chemicals into the soil, and cremation pollutes the air with greenhouse gases. In the last few years, various solutions for greener burials have emerged – even California has given the green light to people composting – but for most such alternatives have been out of reach or even illegal. This year, Dutch company Loop Biotech became the first to offer a “living coffin” for sale to the public. The cocoon is made of dried mycelium, which is the spider web-like filament that makes up mushrooms and other fungi. This substance forms a solid coffin that disintegrates when exposed to moist soil. In less than two months it completely decomposes and sows mushroom seeds in the burial site. The fungi then help the corpse to biodegrade faster by breaking down heavy metals and pollutants in the corpse’s tissues so that it can nourish the surrounding plants rather than poison them.

TheraFace PRO by Therabody: co-player of facial devices


There are an almost endless array of beauty tools you can buy to scrub your face, massage, or even electrify your neck. Some even work: Microcurrents can temporarily smooth wrinkles, lymphatic drainage can briefly drain swollen sinuses, and LED lights can kill acne-causing bacteria and stimulate skin-plumping collagen. But implementing an arsenal of such tools requires deep pockets (and a large medicine cabinet). Enter TheraFace Pro. In addition to offering percussive massage – suitably softened for the delicate bones of the face – the device’s suite of magnetic attachments also provides hot and cold compresses, microcurrent treatments, deep facial cleansing and multicolored LED light. therapy. Whether you need to soothe an aching chin muscle or create a dewy glow for a special event, TheraFace makes complete sense to have an absurd line of skincare tools.

Color Alchemy by The Unseen and Schwarzkopf Professional: The world’s first holographic hair dye

Invisible ColorAlchemy

Invisible and Schwarzkopf Professional

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Most people who dye their hair look for versatile, prismatic hues—those with subtle variations that catch the light for a more interesting (and often more natural-looking) visual effect. This usually means lightening some hair pieces, darkening others, and using multiple shades of toner and dye. Color Alchemy from The Unseen harnesses the power of physics to create an entirely new kind of hair color: a temporary dye that turns strands into luminous prisms. The products are based on structural color, the same principle that gives iridescent hues to insect shells and butterfly wings, using cellular shape instead of actual pigment. The result is hair that glides through a vibrant spectrum of colors when exposed to changes in temperature (like a cold blast) or light (like a camera flash). Unlike most temporary dyes, Color Alchemy shows up on dark curls without any bleaching. In fact, dark hair provides the best basis for sun-drenched holographic crystals.


Recovery brand Hyperice has designed a super-portable tool that quickly dissolves muscle tension. The company’s Venom line, which combines vibration and targeted heat to create your grandfather’s wearables without heating pads, first launched a few years ago. But this update has given the fitness community something to talk about. Venom Go’s electronics are small enough to fit in a pocket, and you can use its simple button interface anywhere. Simply stick one of the reusable adhesive patches where you want to apply it, snap the magnetic device into place and turn it on for instant heat and soothing vibration.

Super Stay Vinyl Ink Longwear Liquid Lipcolor by Maybelline: A truly lasting lipstick for hours


Many lipsticks claim to be smudge-proof, but the telltale signs prove otherwise – ruby ​​flecks in a coffee cup, pink flecks inside a face mask, fruit blobs after kissing. Products that offer truly longevity often manage to succeed by drying with a plaster-like finish, leaving your lips feeling like drywall (and sometimes exfoliating badly). Maybelline Vinyl Ink promises 16 hours of use without any of these pitfalls. Seven years of research involving nearly 100 scientists is behind its dual-phase formula, which combines a long-lasting pigment and a softening silicone resin for moisture and shine. When the user shakes the tube to combine them, these two ingredients remain intentionally separate until application, a process that borrows the trick of protein shaker bottles used to mix powder and water on the go.

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