Texans-Cowboys Week 14 Odds, Rows and Spread

this Undefined Head to Dallas to face (1-10-1). cowboys (9-3) Sunday for the Lone Star State battle.

The streak opened with the Cowboys favored by 17.5 in what was expected to be a disproportionate match in Dallas. The game total was set at 44.5.

The Texans have the NFL’s worst record, sitting at the bottom of the AFC South division. The team struggled all season without a franchise QB, and most recently kyle allen with limited success. The brightest spot for Texans this season comes from rookies Dameon Piercecurrently vying for Offensive Rookie of the Year after collecting 861 yards in 12 games.

On offense, Texans average just 15.7 points (31st) per game, averaging just 4.8 yards per game. Cowboys are likely to struggle against an elite defense that provides the opponents with just 17.2 points per game (third place).

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