Tesla Lost Its Shine Among Some Diehard Fans After Taking Over Elon Musk

  • The Tesla brand has lost popularity among some old fans after Elon Musk took over Twitter.
  • Some even say they traded their vehicles, according to their Twitter posts.
  • Investor sentiment towards Tesla has also waned since Musk’s Twitter deal, according to Morgan Stanley.

Some Tesla fans haven’t been feeling too enthusiastic about the EV company since Elon Musk took over Twitter.

Numerous people are expressing their disappointment in tweets accompanied by the hashtag #nevertesla to show that they are abandoning Tesla.

Some drivers even say they traded their Tesla after watching the billionaire’s antics on Twitter.

A aforementioned: “I use a @Tesla and @TeslaSolar powers my house. But we bought a @Polestar and we have a second to order every day. @elonmusk It makes me happy that we are moving away from their products. #aslates.”

A swipe of the hashtag #nevertesla elicits many similar sentiments.

Other users who don’t seem like a particular fan of Musk are also using the hashtag. “I’m in the market for an electric car to replace the 6-year-old sedan” another user said. “I see more @elonmusk whining here and promoting fascists, I’m getting more fit than buying a Tesla. #NeverTesla #MuskIsATroll.”

Investor sentiment towards Tesla has also plummeted recently, according to a Morgan Stanley survey.

About 65% of respondents said Musk’s highly publicized series on Twitter “will have a negative or slightly negative impact on Tesla’s business in the future.” Morgan Stanley said in a note Monday that a potential risk could be a decline in consumer sentiment or demand.

Also, Tesla drivers say they face aggression on the road. An August report from Axios revealed that Tesla drivers in Iowa were “routinely squeezed in, blocked off from traffic and denied access to charging stations.” According to Axios, many Tesla drivers attributed the treatment to Musk’s behavior and the news cycle in the months before Twitter bought it.

Tesla drivers exposed to malicious comments were also interviewed by the Guardian. However, the comments were most likely the result of the perpetrators hating EVs rather than Musk in particular.

Insider contacted Tesla for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

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