Telegram for iOS gets new drawing and text tools, updates for hidden media, zero storage usage and more

Telegram for iOS has released a major update to close 2022. The latest version includes improvements to hidden media when sharing images, zero storage usage adjustments, new tools for drawing and text, ability to change profile photos for contacts, new/more interactive emoji and more.

Telegram launched the update on the App Store and detailed all the changes in a blog post:

“No one will miss 2022, but this update offers some good reasons to remember it: media with spoiler effects, new ways to save space on your device, new drawing tools, recommended profile pictures and more.”

Telegram has 10 new memoji packs reserved for premium users, with GIFs showing off every new feature in the blog post.

Telegram update is now available for iOS (Android too) Here are the release notes for iOS version 9.3:


We found someone’s letter to Santa and applied everything on the list:

Hidden Media

• Media with spoiler effects. You can wrap your sent photos and videos in a blurry cover by selecting media in the attachment menu and tapping (⋯) > Hide With Spoiler.

Zero Storage Usage

• Automatically remove cached media. You can choose how long the cached media is kept in Private Chats, Groups, and Channels and add exceptions for specific chats.

• Extracting media by type. Separate tabs with Media, Files and Music from all chats allow you to quickly clean up the largest files.

• Pie charts. The new design helps you see what’s taking up space.

• Dwarves with calculators. Cache size is now calculated much faster.

• Reminder: Any cached media you remove remains accessible in the cloud and can be downloaded again if needed.

New Drawing and Text Tools

• Completely redesigned media editor. You can quickly switch between brushes and use the new blur tool.

• Line smoothing. Drawing tools dynamically change the width based on drawing speed and automatically smooth your lines.

• New text tools. You can change the size, font and background of any text you add to photos and videos. The text tool now also supports animated emoji.

• New color selection. You can choose colors using 5 new tools, including the eyedropper.

• New moves. Press and hold to fill the canvas with color or delete everything.

• Preset shapes. You can quickly add shapes such as circles, arrows, stars, and chat bubbles.

Profile Pictures for Your Contacts

• Set pictures for your contacts. You can choose your own picture for a contact – only you will see it on their profile.

• Recommended profile pictures. When editing your contacts, you can suggest a photo for their profile. Just two taps will be enough to add the picture you suggested.

• Public profile pictures. If you only allow certain users to see your profile photos, you can set a public photo for everyone else.

• Ultimate profile picture privacy. You can set ‘Who can see my profile photos’ to ‘Nobody’ and add some users or groups as exceptions.

Hiding Members in Large Groups

• Member list privacy. Owners of large groups can hide the member list.

The letter also talked about taking over the world and a puppy, but we hope the real Santa can handle it – now that we’ve taken care of the rest.

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