Teams were relieved that DTM continued with ADAC-protected “DNA”

The DTM faced uncertainty when it emerged that its previous organizing body, ITR, would be disbanded and began talks with rival organizer ADAC to continue the DTM name in 2023.

Both the DTM and ADAC’s GT Masters series for teams of two drivers per car use GT3 regulations, and it was unclear what form the DTM would live in when it was announced that ADAC had reached an agreement for the brand rights. championship.

Taking note of former DTM boss Gerhard Berger’s advice to “keep the existing concept, format and regulations”, ADAC announced on Thursday that the DTM will remain the only driver per vehicle category next year and announced the schedule.

ADAC’s former flagship GT Masters series will share grids with the LMP3-based Prototype Cup Germany series under the DTM Endurance banner, as part of a restructuring in the motorsport series pyramid designed to prioritize the DTM, and Platinum-rated drivers will be barred.

While more details have yet to be clarified, the move has been welcomed by the teams.

Ulrich Fritz, team principal of 2021 DTM champion Mercedes team HRT, told Autosport: “Everything was clear. They may have renamed the ADAC GT Masters and [DTM] this is the new name of the format and so I am quite relieved and happy that they will keep DTM not only the name but also more or less the rulebook.

“I think that’s the DNA of DTM, one driver, one car, you’re the best team in the industry and you go after it.”

“This is a pure, professional racing series and you are aiming for performance in every aspect of the team. It’s not just the driver, it’s not just the car, it’s the team that needs to be perfect with great pit stops and stuff.

“I’m very, very happy that that hasn’t changed and is now even more emphasized.”

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Photo: Thomas Pakusch

Team Rosberg boss Kimmo Liimatainen, who won three championships with Rene Rast between 2017 and 2020, was also happy to see the DTM continue and plan to launch after a period of uncertainty.

He told Autosport: “It was good to hear that ADAC took responsibility for the DTM name and the German motorsport scene to run the show.

“In a German-speaking environment, I think it’s probably the best partner you can have. ADAC already with its size, strength and organization, you know there is a strength and will behind it, so I take that as a positive.

“We just have to be patient and wait for the final details so we can figure out how things are going.

“But the key is making the decisions and getting the show going.”

When asked by Autosport about his impressions of ADAC’s announcement, Stefan Mucke of Mercedes team Mucke Motorsport reiterated that his colleague at Audi was relieved.

“We know what kind of platform it’s going to be first of all because it wasn’t very well known,” he said.

“It’s not ideal for every team in the current situation, you’re talking to sponsors or drivers and you can’t make any contracts, you can’t offer them anything because you don’t know what kind of platform it will be.” .

“First of all, that’s good, right after the decision was made, they held a press conference and gave the teams a guide on what the platform would look like, but there are still many questions to be answered.

“But at least now you’re committed to something and you know if it’s DTM, nobody knows about it, you know how GT Masters is.”

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