Team Harvey beat Team Scotiabank for 8th consecutive win at PWHPA all-star weekend in Ottawa

Team Harvey took its eighth consecutive win of the season at the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association’s Dream Gap Tour all-star weekend event in Ottawa on Saturday.

Goalkeeper Geneviève Lacasse was named player of the game, while Lauriane Rougeau, Bailey Larson and Hayley Scamurra scored, giving Team Harvey a 3-1 win over Team Scotiabank at Tire Canada Canada.

With just over six minutes left in the third quarter, Megan Keller scored the only goal for Team Scotiabank (2-7).

Team Harvey went up 8-1 for the season, with the only loss coming at the season-opening show in Montreal on October 15. On Friday, Gatineau returned at Que to defeat Team Sonnet in a shootout.

Jamie Lee Rattray set up Scamurra for the opening goal of the game early in the first period, while Larson added the fuse mark later in the frame with a shot over the glove of Canadian goalkeeper Kristen Campbell.

Canadian superstar Marie-Philip Poulin, who led Team Harvey’s this season, gave Rougeau a brilliant pass for the third goal of the game early in the second quarter.

WATCH | Team Harvey beat Team Scotiabank to sweep the Dream Gap Tour weekend:

Team Harvey’s swept Dream Gap Tour weekend, beating Team Scotiabank

Team Harvey left Ottawa with a 3-1 win over Team Scotiabank during Saturday night’s PWHPA action.

Aerin Frankel was out of the game early Saturday as Team Adidas beat Team Sonnet 4-0.

Named player of the game, Frankel put on a standout performance after beating Team Scotiabank 2-1 at Kemptville, Ont on Friday, to help his team win their second game in a row at the event.

While Kristin O’Neill opened the score in the first period, Kendall Coyne Schofield found the nets and took the lead 2-0 in the second period. Canadian Olympian Sarah Nurse got an assist in the fuse goal with a pass from behind the goal line.

Nurse and Kaitlin Willoughby added empty nets at the end of the third period and closed the important win.

WATCH | Team Adidas left Team Sonnet blank:

Team adidas disables Team Sonnet for Dream Gap Tour victory

Kristin O’Neill’s 1st period powerplay goal opened the score with a 4-0 win over Ottawa.

The PWHPA all-star weekend is the fourth event of the season, after stops in Montreal, Truro, NS, and Pittsburgh. All four PWHPA teams took part in each event.

PWHPA will next hold the skill competition and all-star tournament in Ottawa on Sunday. The tournament will consist of four all-star teams playing a total of six round-robin games in three-on-three action. The matches will each last 10 minutes and will be played in the first two championship matches.

Team Harvey’s and Team Adidas each earned three points with edit wins. Unlike previous seasons, each match counts for season-long standings

The season premiered in January at Owen Sound, Ont. and Collingwood continues with matches at Ont.

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