Taylor, Tyler Rogers, enjoys the chance to make the Giants a family affair

SAN FRANCISCO — Minutes after Taylor Rogers insisted that she and her identical twin, Tyler, were long past their joke days, her brother did just that.

“We’re not rogues,” Taylor had said.

Then, just when Taylor started talking End the intro video call with the Giants, His brother, who participated in the same San Francisco bullfight as Tyler, came up with the nickname Brennan Huff.

“Is it safe to say that the Giants have the best looking arena in the Western National League?” asked Huff, a.k.a. Tyler.

His good-natured twin replied, “Absolutely, absolutely. He’s gotten a lot better as of Wednesday when you officially signed Taylor Rogers,” replied the good-natured twin, playing together beautifully.

Yep, Tyler didn’t manage to pull it fast this time.

“You’re letting anyone into these Zooms, are you?” Taylor pitched a Giants media relations manager.

Left-wing Taylor will take the field alongside right-wing Tyler, after Taylor Rogers signed a three-year contract worth $33 million this week. Also Friday, Head of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi said outfielder Michael Conforto’s $36 million two-year contract will be completed “immediately” and he has undergone a successful physical examination.

The Rogers brothers didn’t plan for this to happen, even after they both shot at Oracle Park in San Francisco on April 11, then in the same game for Taylor San Diego. They went out to exchange line-up cards at a special moment – only the second time in major league history that they’re twins in the same game, and the first time they’ve appeared on opposing teams.

“This is something we never really wanted to think about that could happen,” Taylor said. “I’ve always felt like it was too good to be true, and then I had a conversation with Ty going into the summer season this year and he said, ‘You know, this is your free agent. You have to do what’s best for you.’ And he said, ‘Great if there are giants, great if not.'”

Born on December 17 in Littleton, Colorado, the 32-year-old twins are great for parents and family members: watching and cheering on one hand.

“We’re going to have family a lot more often now, we’re going to bother us,” Taylor said. “It’s all totally exciting and the same thing, they never let them think it was a possibility. It always felt like a movie.”

Taylor Rogers, a 2021 AL All-Star for Minnesota, won 4-8 with a 4.76 ERA and 31 saves in 66 games against San Diego and Milwaukee in 2022. His 11.8 hits per nine innings, the best of a career in a full season – 84 hits in 64 1/3 innings.

Tyler Rogers uses a unique sidearm delivery and went 3-4 with 68 outings and 75 2/3 hits last season with a 3.57 ERA, as he missed the playoffs a year after winning San Francisco NL West with franchise best 107 wins.

Trying to build one of the best bullfights in the league like the Giants did two years ago, Zaidi is thrilled to have both. He described it as an “interesting negotiation”.

“He didn’t want us to think that he was going to sign us no matter what, and we didn’t want them to think they were our only option, so we danced around each other most of the time in the off-season,” Zaidi said with a chuckle. “Beyond the great story of how these brothers started playing together, it’s a great fit, which I think is great.”

Taylor Rogers reached the big leagues in April 2016, about 3 1/2 years before her brother, but at the time they refuse to compare because their respective organizations had different needs.

Whatever decision he made this winter, he definitely appreciated his brother’s support.

“The best part about it was that we weren’t trying to make it happen in the beginning, I was just going in as a clean slate, free agent, seeing what would suit me,” Taylor said. “This happened because the Giants needed a left-handed pitcher, and there’s just gravy on top of Ty being here. I think the great thing about it is, did it happen naturally, we didn’t force it.”

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