Stylish automotive designs that speed enthusiasts will drool in November 2022

We’re seeing a downpour and an exciting downpour of automotive design at Yanko Design in November 2022. Every automotive was innovative and brought us something we had never seen or experienced before. Every car we’ve presented at YD has overcome some design hurdles for us, from lethal speed to stunningly beautiful looks to unbeatable safety standards, and we hope they’ve done the same for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of automotive design that we think is the best. From an intriguing Apple Car 1 concept, a performance ride to a transforming electric bike that instantly transforms into a cargo carrier, each of these no-nonsense cars is ruthlessly pushing the boundaries of the auto industry. Automotive enthusiasts will be dying to grab them and take them around the streets!

1. Fordzilla Hypervane

Called the Fordzilla Hypervan, this dune buggy takes its general inspiration from reptiles. Its draped matte black color is a testament to Godzilla design influence. If you’re seeing the typical Batmobile effect, you’re not alone! The formation of matte orange hues on the exterior and interior emphasizes the sharp character of the ride. The battery in the rear demonstrates its rear-wheel drive origins and therefore better stability and handling. The Hypervan gets all the glass doors that are gull-winged and look absolutely gorgeous. These doors are an extension of the windshield and the panoramic glass roof, adding a sense of spaciousness to the four-wheeled vehicle.

2. GAC Barchetta

The look of Italian automotive influence from the ’80s and previous in-house concept cars is understandable. The GAC Barchetta show car is the first of the Car Culture series to debut in Milan’s design district, Via Tortona, to celebrate Italy’s abundant car culture. The open-wheel design of the two-seater EV features a flattened chassis without a windshield to ensure minimal aesthetics. According to the design team, the car is divided into three parts. One of them, the flat case, contains compact batteries similar to a smartphone battery. Second, there is the streamlined body, thanks to a solid single-material aluminum frame that keeps everything light and visually timeless.

3. TRISO Electric Motorcycle

The urban mobility of the future will rely heavily on electric two-wheeled vehicles with the freedom of shape-shifting aesthetics. The TRISO Electric Motorcycle is a fine example of this aspiration for an adaptable commuter vehicle suitable for every life scenario. The transforming electric bike is geared towards the younger generation, usually between the ages of 20 and 30, who want to showcase their passion for riding while being respectful of the planet. TRISO has three driving modes – Eco, Road and Explore – each with a different shape and driving aesthetic. Migration happens in seconds, making it perfect for real-time requirements.

4. UTV

This handy four-door vehicle is perfect for fun driving on a bright sunny day, thanks to its open Jeep-like design. While you want stronger tires on the UTV, the designer manages to convey the minimalist design with enough scope for post-market modifications in case you want to hit the dirt roads. It looks more like a modernized car that received evolution support at the time. Everything from the roof, hood and interior can be micromanaged depending on needs and type of activity. The UTV can be a beach buggy one day and an open Jeep driving to the top of the mountain the other day.

5. Yamaev’s Tricycle

Designed by Alexander Yamaev, this bizarrely eye-catching three-wheeled scooter concept comes with a unique wheel arrangement with a rectangular side profile that slices through the air of a credit card as it passes through a payment machine, and a massive front wheel surrounding the scooter’s transparent surface. balloon-shaped cockpit and two rear wheels that split for stability at low speeds and engage for maneuverability at high speeds. The ideas offered by Yamaev’s concept will certainly make the Cybertruck look obsolete with a radical, groundbreakingly unique design.

6. W16 Mistral

Taking its name from the strong wind blowing from the Rhône River valley into the Mediterranean via the Côte d’Azur in southern France, the car offers power and performance that can ‘make you fly’. The car features a gorgeous open-top design that harks back to the origins of Bugatti, where some of the early cars were convertible racers. Swipe to the side and get one of the most interesting profiles possible. There’s a gestalt of continuity with the open-top design, and the car isn’t one to shy away from tight bends in certain places and fuller curves in others. The car still comes with Bugatti’s horseshoe radiator.

7. Apple Car 1 Concept

The Apple Car 1 concept is another iteration of the Cupertino giant’s most anticipated project yet to come to fruition. The main idea of ​​Apple’s concept car revolves around a minimalist and elegant form. This Magic Mouse resemblance is intentional and defines the flowing lines of the next-generation car, which will likely be an evolved driverless vehicle. Magic Mouse inspiration gives Apple Car 1 a forward and backward drop motion for balanced sound. Another inspiration from Airpods Pro for a heightened sense of power and control on the road – hence the muscular profile and bulging wheel section for overall contrast.

8. Huracan Sterrato

The Huracan Sterrato is quite similar to its predecessor, although it has been built with a few key upgrades that make it suitable for the terrain. It comes with fog lights on the front and on the roof of the car and fenders on the fenders on the fenders that should keep your car upright and open even after a rumble in the fender. Judging by the looks, the car also has a higher ground clearance than the Huracan, so it can skid off-road as well as on roads.

9. Tricolore electric MTB

Meet the Tricolore electric MTB, an advanced performance two-wheeler for dirt roads. The Reggio Emilia-based company is currently at EICMA 2022 in Milan to debut this cheesy pedal-assisted enduro mountain bike. Setting aside the contemporary triangular structure found on most bikes on the road, the eMTB gets a new design for good measure. The two-wheeled vehicle has the durability of a tough mountain bike while it has the basic functions of an e-bike. This is the best combination for the monocoque chassis to use more carbon fiber than some of the hit superbikes offered.

10. La Bagnole

La Bagnole has a typical Willys Jeep feel from the front – look at that grille and open wheel design. For this reason, the vehicle is primarily used for adventures and dirt-laden tracks for nature lovers who like to venture beyond the city limits occasionally. Don’t expect it to go at extreme speeds on the highway (more like a crawling machine), as the entry-level variant tops out 29 miles per hour and the much more powerful version tops out at 50 miles per hour.

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