Stephen Curry’s dominance is shown in three stats: fourth-quarter score, shot splits, 3-point efficiency

Stephen Curry is having another season at the MVP level, and even that underlines just how dominant he is. It would be hard to argue that he is a better player in the league so far. That doesn’t mean Curry will win MVP; For that to happen, the Warriors probably need to rise through the ranks, especially with Jayson Tatum and the Celtics going. But for a quick look at the gap between Curry and everyone else, take a look at the three numbers below.

fourth quarter score

Curry is leading the league with a total of 179 fourth-quarter points. He is 93rd in the fourth quarter minutes. I’ll repeat: Despite having fewer fourth-quarter minutes than the other 92 players, Curry scored more points in the fourth quarter than anyone else. Giannis Antetokounmpo, who finished second after Curry with 177 points in the fourth quarter, played another 24 minutes in the fourth quarter. Jayson Tatum, who finished third with 171 points in the fourth quarter, played nearly 50 minutes more than Curry in the fourth quarter.

Curry is busy with 6.8 fourth-quarter minutes per game (almost two minutes less than Giannis and Tatum for comparison), leading the league with a total of 131 fourth-quarter tries, and putting Golden State in a plus-48 point margin, all while maintaining the season. That’s the same 43.6 percentage points from 3 he shoots for.


There are nine players in history who shoot at least 10 shots per game, 50 percent from the field, 40 percent from the 3’s, and 90 percent from the free throw line. Curry is the only person to post shots while scoring at least 30 points per game in his unanimous MVP 2015-16 season. He’s doing it again.

Entering the game on Monday, Curry averages exactly 30 points per game with a 50.2/43.6/90.8 shooting spread over 20.3 shots per game. Currently, there are only four players with 50/40/90 splits, with three of them (Frank Kaminsky, AJ Green and Tony Bradley) logging in under two minutes per game. They don’t count.

At any qualification level, there are currently only two players in the 50-40-90 shooting club. One of them, Curry averages 30 points per game. The other, Luke Kennard, is averaging 7.9 points from 5.8 shooting.

Made 3 seconds per game

Curry is the only player in history to average more than five 3-pointers per game in a season. He’s done it three times and is fast moving to do it for the fourth time this year and is sinking 5.1 overnight as he enters the game on Monday.

If we lower the bar to let the other guys join the conversation, James Harden holds the second-highest marks for 3-pointers per game in 2018-19 with 4.8, but he shot less than 37 percent from 3 that season. Harden made 4.4 3s per game with a 35 percent clip in 2019-20.

Damian Lillard was the only player other than Curry to score four three-pointers per game with at least 40 percent success rate in 2019-20. when it makes 4.1 per night with a 40.1 percent clip.

Think about it. These are the most prolific 3-pointers ever, and only one player besides Curry has managed to score more than four per game, down 40 percent over the course of even one season. For the fourth time, Curry is at a pace of making more than five 3s per game with a clip of at least 42 percent.

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