‘Spoiler Alert’ review: Say hello to your new favorite 10-pack of wipes teardrops

Let me start at the very beginning, which I’ve heard is a very good place to start. It just gets a little complicated Spoiler alertshockingly powerful new romantic drama Big Patient director Michael Showalter said the beginning turned out to be just an end for our oboros to return to the beginning itself.

Starring Jim Parsons (big bang theory) and Ben Aldridge (flea bag) as Michael and Kit (yeah, Knight Rider Just kidding), a couple whose life together was turned upside down by the latter’s cancer diagnosis, you might say Spoiler alert doesn’t play right… but that might be a gay pun that comes too far. Let’s just say I was happily impressed by the meta-touches and offbeat moves this movie decided to make at a time when he could easily have been much lazier in his choices (when I wasn’t crying my eyes out).

What Spoiler alert about?

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based on memory of Michael Ausiello, Spoiler Alert: Hero Is Dead, The film follows Michael, a nervous workaholic who finds love when a co-worker reluctantly drags him to a sports night at the bar. As soon as Michael gets there, he locks eyes with the dreamy Kit (Aldridge) dancing confidently with his best friend Nina (Nikki M. James). Conversation quickly loosens them up (Kit laughs in all the right places), and before you know it, romance begins. And it’s not just a jock-bar house beat pulsing in the air.

The boys take it pretty slow, all things considered, so Kit and Michael go their separate ways that first night they meet Smurf, and then spend time getting to know each other. But the movie confidently jumps in time to show that its walls are crumbling. Michael’s feelings of inadequacy and Kit’s problems with commitment seem to resolve in each other’s presence, and there’s a real sweetness in watching them discover the best of themselves through each other’s eyes. Kit even manages to finally open up to her family (played by Sally Field and Bill Irwin) thanks to Michael’s steady presence. And before you know it, the closets are emptied, the years go by, the eyes wander, and the nerves flare up…


“The trailer for Spoiler Alert is here, and you’re going to need all the wipes.

But let’s step back for a moment, like in the movie. Because before any ounce of Michael and Kit’s love reaches us, before the sports parties and the going out and the dizzying stuff of a long life together, the movie has already moved towards its unfortunate diagnosis. conclusion. Just in front, Spoiler alert He covers up his jokes and antics with a dreadful specter of grief perched ahead, an unwelcome ghost of Christmas Coming. (Side note: This is 100% a Christmas movie.) From one perspective, this whole movie could be framed as a death dream, a paroxysm of a brain – gay (good gay)thing) All That Jazz.

Perhaps too much Brechtian existentialism is loaded into this little drama that is big-hearted, old-fashioned, and sometimes too sitcom for its own good. But all this is what the title of the movie itself refers to: “Spoiler” means impending illness. A movie that goes outside of itself to comment on itself on more than one occasion. So why not? After all, it is what it is. It’s hard for me to criticize a movie that uses a real sitcom as a storytelling tool in its narrative as being “too sitcomy for its own good.” enough to produce a self-referential equivalent of what Scream i did it for slasher movies but Spoiler alert is certainly aware of other teardrops, both in form and content. See. Terms of Love prominently featured animation movie trailer, or casting Steel Magnolia Field as another destitute mother.

Spoiler Alert The circular structure gives this love story its charm.

Sally Field, Bill Irwin, Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge

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Spoiler alert it can tell us the end from the front, but it does so in the same way that a magician waves his hand to divert our attention in one direction so that it sneaks in from the back of our hearts. In fact – if you were talking to your professor of film studies at least – you could say that there is something strange about the heteronormative structure that is occurring here, that the surface layer of the story we have seen a million times has taken on new meaning from a newly translated perspective. . And given the fact that this is a mainstream gay romance between two men, it’s safe to say there’s been a bit of “queerizing” calling.

Still, Spoiler alert he could have taken the easier route, getting two men into the simple story we saw Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott He’s played for us before and he was probably just fine for that. But it would have been a little less awkward, less surprising, and ultimately less moving if it weren’t for the little risks he took, so I’m giving props. Spoiler alert just because you’re not him.


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I haven’t read his memoirs, but the fact that Michael Ausiello was a real-world, internet-famous writer and began summarizing television shows—the modern equivalent of every rom-com hero working for a fashion magazine, certainly—seems to have given this story its meta-fictionalism. Our narrator is a person who makes a name for himself by deconstructing the storytellers’ previous storytelling methods, Spoiler alertfun form makes sense. This is Ausiello’s summation of his love story with the benefit of looking back and twists of creative touches.

If that all sounds distracting, I promise you, the movie itself runs smooth and straightforward enough in practice. If you’re just looking for a good teardrop, Spoiler alert it will shake your tears but it’s good. There was a quiet moment at the end of the movie, the collective voice of the sniffling, sobbing audience that surrounded me, reminding me why we still need to have access to non-superhero movies in movie theaters. Let’s keep shouting together, studios!

Setting its target up front gives the movie the freedom to take time off, allowing us to fall in love with Michael, Kit, and Michael and Kit for the first time before we get to where we know we’re going. And that suspense in the back of our minds is enough to give real weight to familiar romantic awkwardness, beyond the broad (if real!) jokes about a bedroom full of Smurf toys that spoil the mood.

Spoiler alert A love story culminating in two beautiful performances by Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge.

Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge

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As Michael, Parsons is softer, sweeter, and endearingly goofy than I’ve ever seen him before. As this love affair unfolds it, it grows quite violently on us. But Aldridge steals the whole movie. Kit, with all her charm and big smile, is unbelievably easy, but also full of contradictions and difficulties, which are known as the deepening of the first blushes of love, and we watch the two men move on the path of life together. Spoiler alert sees the short and long term with equal clarity, sometimes solving the transition from one to the other without us even realizing it. Also, the movie understands how we felt when we realized we had crossed that threshold three weeks ago. And then what the hell are we going to do with all this now that you’re here?

Of course, all of that was wiped out when mortality slammed itself through the door. Time is upside down, broken from start to finish. what is best Spoiler alert It is the moments when I am grateful that Showalter was smart enough to do so on many occasions, when he paused to assess the necessary silences.

In particular, at a transformative moment in the story, there is a scene that is played without words; here, Michael and Kit react to real bad news by snapping pictures of each other with their hard lips pursed. That says enough about true intimacy for a dozen movies: the deep comfort between these two people; their ability to speak encyclopedias of emotions without saying a word. The movie achieves this. When we look at the news and see LGBTQ+ people being shot in public places just for the sake of their loved ones, maybe we can all use our own transformative moments of silence and love stories like this one. Spoiler alert that tells us to keep on loving until someone sees us and someone listens.

Spoiler alert It opens in select theaters on December 2 and expands nationwide on December 16.

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