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It’s December, and Goodreads has released its list of the most anticipated sci-fi and fantasy novels to come out in the last month of the year. December is a fairly light month to post, so it’s a relatively short list. Also, voting for the Goodreads Choice Award 2022 is now open. You have a few more days to get your votes and the winners will be announced on 8 December. What are you excited to read this month?

  • Lightweight Pirate

    • By Lily Brooks-Dalton

    • Released on December 6

Florida is slipping away. A powerful hurricane approaches a small town on the southeast coast as devastating weather conditions and rising sea levels slowly destroy the state’s infrastructure. Kirby Lowe, a powerline worker; pregnant wife Frida; and his two sons, Flip and Lucas, prepare for the worst. When the boys go missing just before the hurricane hits, Kirby heads into the high winds to look for them. Left alone, Frida goes into labor prematurely and gives birth to an unusual child, Wanda, named after the devastating storm that has brought her more downfall than ever before.

As Florida continues to unravel, Wanda grows. Transitioning from childhood to adulthood, adjusting not only to the changing landscape, but also to the people left in a place abandoned by civilization, Wanda loses her family, gains community and ultimately seeks adventure, love and purpose in a place that has been rebuilt. by nature.

Described in four parts: power, water, light and time, the Light Pirate reflects the rhythms of the elements and the sometimes rapid and sometimes slow destruction of the world as we know it. Changes we would prefer not to see, a meditation on the future we would prefer not to greet, and a return to the beauty and violence of an untamable wilderness.

  • An Infinite Fire

    • By Rebecca Ross

    • Released on December 6

East and West. People and Spirits. Breccans and Tamerlaines. Cadence Island has always kept itself and its inhabitants on a poor balance. But now, Bane, the spirit of the North Wind, has spun everyone and everything out of control in order to dominate everything.

Adaira finds it difficult to adjust to the more brutal and bitter lifestyles among the Breccans in the West. As she tries to find her place in the clan, she quickly realizes that this might be the last role she wants to have. And while magic blooms effortlessly for the Breccans in the west, the spirits continue to suffer under Bane’s harsh power felt in every wind.

In the East, Jack drifts without Adaira until ember sings to weak fire spirits and takes on a dangerous mission he never expected. Someone destined to take him west. Likewise, Torin and Sidra are consumed by a new mystery as the disease spreads first among the crops and then to the people of the Tamerlaine clan. While Sidra desperately seeks a cure, Torin dares to make a bargain with the spirits – always a dangerous frenzy, but especially as the days get darker.

As the island becomes more unbalanced, humans and spirits alike will have to band together to face Bane, and Jack’s harp talent will be revealed once again. Yet no one can challenge the North Wind without paying a terrible price, and this time the sacrifice may be more than Jack, Adaira, Torin and Sidra can bear to pay.

  • Lost Witch

    • By Paige Crutcher

    • Released on December 27

1922. Brigid Heron is a powerful witch and healer in the seemingly lost but charming little town of Evermore on a forgotten island in Ireland. But there is one thing he misses more than anything: his own child. The head of the Knightly coven is even willing to be seduced by the powerful and irresistible mysterious Luc Knightly. When Brigid’s children are born and fall ill, she will risk everything to save her daughter – even harnessing the forbidden magic of the Lough of Brionglóid. But Brigid is swept away, too, when savage magic takes her from her.

2022. Evermore is under siege. The Knight witches use chaos spells to widen the chasm between the island and the Otherworld. Creatures in folklore prey on villagers and consume their humanity.

Brigid wakes up in this world with no memory of how she traveled into the future, but learns that this curse helped unleash Evermore on her. He must work with his magical grandchildren Ophelia and Finola to seal the Lough and stop the Knight’s witches. But the information he seeks lies with the mysterious, handsome and powerful Luc Knightly himself. Brigid may have to lose everything once again to save Evermore.

Elric is the estranged emperor of the Melnibonean empire, struggling with nature alongside the constant thirst of his soul-sucking sword Stormbringer as he desperately struggles to advance in his dying empire. Elric searches for answers to the nature of The Young Kingdoms’ phroon, while traveling through the ruins of his empire with his tragic best friend Moonsad, in pursuit of the great Fortress of Forgotten Myths. Set between Elric Saga’s first and second book, The Citadel of Forgotten Myths is perfect for longtime fans and those new to this epic fantasy series.

  • West

    • By Mercedes Lackey

    • Released on December 6

Baron Valdemar and his men have found a temporary shelter, but it cannot hold them all or for long. Trouble may come at any time, and there are too many people for Crescent Lake to support. Those willing to make the further journey West by barge will follow it into a wilderness depopulated by war and scarred by the terrible spells and Wizard Wars of a thousand years ago. But the desert is not as empty as it seems. There are potential friends and greedy enemies…

….and someone is watching them.

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