According to a report released today, Samsung is prioritizing the development of OLED displays that Apple plans to use in future iPad models. sieve.

According to the report, Samsung has prioritized the development of a specific type of display that uses two-stack tandem OLED panels that Apple plans to use in future “iPad” and Mac models. Prioritizing this screen type means the South Korean tech giant will focus less on developing full-cut OLED displays that use only a single layer of OLED. sieve.

Samsung is Apple’s main display supplier and has been supplying the company with OLED displays for high-end iPhone models since 2017. Other products such as the iPhone SE, Mac, and ‌iPad‌ still use LCD screens and mini-LED technology in certain products.

According to trusted display analyst Ross Young, Apple is expected to launch the first OLED iPad Pro in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes in 2024. It is also said that in 2024, Apple will bring OLED display technology to the Mac with the 13-inch MacBook Air.

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