RS4 home x HEY pinball becomes exclusive to MoMA

‘RS4 Home x HEY’ captivates moma design store

Rafael Rodríguez, CEO of gaming desk company RS Barcelona, ​​has joined forces with Hey Studio founder Verònica Fuerte to release a special edition of the soccer game. table It was called ‘RS4 Home x HEY’. Design with an eye-catching color palette reminiscent of pop art culture, MoMA Design Store and now part of the museum’s Special selection. The duo chose to renew the RS4 model due to its unique combination of Iroko wood and steel, elegant features and functional adaptability.

Now, ‘RS4 Home comes with a manifesto for real and authentic fun,’ Rodriguez writes. ‘It is a statement of intent to restore the habit of playing active games with your family and friends. Maintaining the habit of playing well. Shorten screen time. Turn off the TV, game console and mobile device to connect with your people. Putting aside the urgency and giving ‘likes’ instead of the moments we live. Celebrating all together that we need no excuses, letting time pass without haste.’

all images © Meritxell Arjalaguer

lively, unconventional and without any restrictions

RS Barcelona (see more here) composed the design, Hey Studio (see more here) reflects its creative branding approach to the football table, introducing a color combination that is strong, eye-catching, popular, vibrant, unconventional and without any restrictions. As a result, this chromatic freedom invites play and spreads Hey’s passion for color. ‘With this Special Edition, the RS4 Home x HEY foosball table stands out with a bold artistic accent,’ notes Verònica Fuerte.

Now, thanks to its refreshing aesthetic, the RS4 Home x HEY foosball table bears the MoMA Exclusive design signature. Products that are part of MoMA Exclusives must go through a selection process unlike any other: a set of 8 criteria that ensure each item is fit, aligned with MoMA’s vision for good design. this of the museum then the curatorial department evaluates the product. Only items that go through these two steps can be a successful part of the selection.

rs4home x hey pinball going moma special 2
colourful, eye-catching, vibrant, unorthodox and unrestricted

rs4home x hey pinball is going moma special 3
Original RS4 desk from RS Barcelona, ​​colored by Hey Studio

rs4home x hey pinball turns into moma special 4
steel, Iroko wood and pop art color combine in a nice combination and balance

rs4home x hey pinball turns into moma special 5
The pinball comes disassembled and ships flat for easy installation at home

rs4home x hey pinball is going to moma 6
Verònica Fuerte, founder of Hey Studio, and Rafael Rodríguez, CEO of RS Barcelona

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