Rolling Stones demands withdrawal of Shein clothing line after abuse scandal

Legendary rockers The Rolling Stones have called for the dissolution of a Shein clothing brand featuring the band, after the fast fashion brand allegedly used factories that exploit workers.

Last week, the Chinese company announced a “licensed collection honoring the legendary rock band” of clothing emblazoned with the famous Rolling Stones tongue and lip logo.

But a confidential investigation by Channel 4 revealed that workers at two Chinese factories that make clothes for Shein are working 18 hours a day for as little as 3p per garment. Documentary – Untold: Inside the Shein Machine – also explained that workers must work on weekends and only take one day off per month.

According to the news of I newspaper, it was reported that the agreement was signed by Bravado International Group Merchandising Services, which acquired the worldwide rights of the Stones brand in 2018.

Now the group says it doesn’t want to be associated with Shein in light of the allegations.

The band has asked for the deal to be terminated in light of the allegations

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The group asked for the agreement to be terminated in light of the allegations.

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A Rolling Stones spokesperson told the newspaper: “This is a license agreement with Bravado Inc. and therefore they have the rights to use the brand on merchandise.

“We don’t want to be associated with Shein as we are aware of recent disclosures about the treatment of workers in the supply chain and have requested the termination of the line.”

A spokesperson for Bravado said it has terminated its license agreement with Shein.

Shein spokesperson said Independent: “Shein takes the welfare of workers at its suppliers very seriously and does not tolerate forced labor.

“Our Supplier Code of Conduct complies with International Labor Organization core conventions, all local laws and regulations, with penalties that include termination of business partnership for suppliers and manufacturers who fail to improve their practices.

“Through the Shein Responsible Sourcing Program, we work with leading agencies to conduct ongoing, unannounced audits that confirm that there have been no breaches of forced labor in our supply chain.”

Last month, it was reported that the owner of Shein was ordered to pay the state of New York $1.9 million for a data breach that affected millions of customers.

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that Zoetop Business Company, Ltd, which owns e-commerce brands Shein and Romwe, failed to properly address the 2018 data breach in which personal information of 39 million Shein accounts and seven million Romwe accounts was compromised.

An investigation by the Attorney General’s Office revealed that hackers had successfully stolen credit card information and personal information from Shein customers, including names, email addresses, and account passwords.

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