Reinstatement of Trevor Bauer Causes Serious Ethical Dilemmas for Los Angeles Dodgers

Major League referee Martin Scheinman has reduced Los Angeles Dodgers right-handed Trevor Bauer’s first 324-game suspension to 194 games.

The decision was announced on Thursday, December 22, 2022.

Bauer, who will turn 32 in January, was suspended for violating Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy.

Bauer was promptly reinstated.

By Los Angeles TimesBauer lost $37.5 million in salary from his $102 million Dodgers contract.

Now the Dodgers face a critical decision. Are they bringing Bauer back to their team? Do they pay the rest of his contract and let him go?

The Dodgers have until January 6, 2023, to decide whether to release him or add him to their 40-man roster. Whatever decision the team makes, the remaining amount on their contract is guaranteed.

Major League Baseball said in a statement regarding Bauer’s reinstatement, “While we believe a longer suspension is necessary, MLB will abide by the neutral referee’s decision.” Said.

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trevor Bauer

A woman who is simply identified as “Miss”. Hill” claimed to have met Trevor Bauer via Instagram. The woman claimed that she met Bauer on April 21, 2020, through her lawyer.

The woman stated that she came to Bauer’s home in Pasadena during their first encounter. She claims they had “an emotionally vulnerable conversation”. She claims she started getting aggressive after she started kissing and hugging in Bauer’s room.

The woman alleges that Bauer strangled her with her own hair, among other acts with which she did not consent.

On August 19, 2021, “Mr. Hill” was denied a restraining order. According to Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman, the court ruled that there was no supporting evidence that Bauer harmed the woman.

Bauer was never charged with any crime.

Bauer’s “Ms. Hill: went public, MLB put Bauer on paid administrative leave,

MLB suspended Bauer free for 324 games on April 22, 2022.

Now, that suspension has been reduced.

Similarities to Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson:

The allegations against Bauer are in some ways similar to sexual harassment charges brought by at least 23 women against National Football League quarterback Deshaun Watson.

After multiple women claimed that Watson tried to promote acts and activities related to sexuality, a Harris County, Texas grand jury denied indicting Watson. At the time, Watson was a quarterback for the Houston Texans.

Watson was eventually traded to the Cleveland Browns by the Texans.

Watson was suspended 11 games by the National Football League and fined $5 million.

Watson is now the Browns’ first quarterback.

Fan response to the Browns trade for Watson has been mixed. Clearly, a large number of fans expressed their anger at the team that traded for a player who had to settle numerous sexual misconduct cases out of court. The backlash against the Browns has been and continues to be significant.

However, there are fans who welcome Watson’s arrival, seeing him as an upgrade to the team’s roster, and giving hope for the future.

About Trevor Bauer:

Trevor Bauer is a 6-1,205 pound starting pitcher with a pretty checkered history in MLB.

Drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 1st round of the 2011 Draft, the Diamondbacks traded Bauer in 2012 as part of a three-team deal. He played for Cleveland for parts of seven seasons.

Bauer once again took the field with Cleveland until he was part of a three-team trade in July 2019. He landed with the Cincinnati Reds and fielded for the Reds for parts of season two.

Bauer signed as a free agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers on February 11, 2021.

Bauer became an All Star with Cleveland in 2018 and won the National League Cy Young Award with the Dodgers in 2020.

Bauer started 17 games in their last game at the top with the Dodgers before being placed on Administrative Leave and ultimately suspended in 2021. He had a 2.59 Run Average and an 8-5 record with a 1.00 WHIP.

With a large arsenal and a variety of pitches, Bauer has always been seen as “unconventional” in terms of shooting preparation, training and mechanics.

Pitting coaches and managers have had conflicts with Bauer throughout his career. However, he had solid shooting results wherever and whenever he shot.

Dodgers Verdict?

The Dodgers face returning Bauer to a rotation that could clearly use his shooting skills.

Always a strength of the Dodgers, their spins seem a little short on paper.

If the season were to start today, lists the Dodgers rotation as follows:

Clayton Kershaw-LHP

Julio Urias-LHP

Tony Gonsolin-RHP

Noah Syndergaard-RHP (latest free agent transfer)

Dustin May – RHP

Right-handed Walker Buehler recovering from Tommy John surgery.

What about Bauer? Is he sleep? Can he still shoot? Did the layoff hurt him?

All questions about Bauer’s abilities or deficiencies in his abilities can be controversial.

The biggest question for the Dodgers is probably the one about Bauer’s past. Accusations of sexual harassment cannot be ignored.

Do Dodgers want to deal with all the negativity of Bauer’s latest suspension and the reason for his suspension?

Is it worth it for the Dodgers to forgive but not forget?

Dodgers is an iconic series. The Dodgers had standards and values ​​that dictated their public reputation. Does returning Trevor Bauer to the roster tarnish the long-honored and highly prized reputation and goodwill of one of baseball’s most beloved franchises?

Does the Dodgers have an appetite to “eat” the remaining $22.5 million on his contract?

How will the money payable to Bauer now affect the Dodgers’ off-season plans? Want to sign a player or players and review the MLB Luxury Tax? The first of four Luxury Tax thresholds is $233 million. lists Dodgers’ estimated 2023 payroll as $217 million without Bauer’s salary. Now they have to pay him, regardless of whether he is on the list or not.


Trevor Bauer was extradited to the Los Angeles Dodgers after he won an appeal to the MLB for being suspended for sexual misconduct.

Bauer served 194 of his original 324-game suspension.

The Dodgers must now pay Bauer’s salary, even if they choose to release him.

For the Dodgers, the ethical dilemma regarding Bauer’s team status must be resolved by January 6, 2023.

The decision to keep Bauer as part of the 40-man roster or release him by leaving him will have a profound impact on the Dodgers franchise. From many perspectives.

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