Red Sox Interested in Mitch Haniger

The Red Sox have expressed interest in the free agent outfielder. Mitch HanigerReported Jon Morosi of (twitter link). Boston has joined the Dodgers, Rangers, Giants, Angels and the incumbent Mariners among clubs known to have spoken to their representatives.

Haniger is one of a handful of mid-level corner outfielders in the free agency era. At the top of the outdoor market Aaron Judge and after a significant gap, Brandon Nimmo. There’s one more drop to stage three, a mix that includes: Andrew Benintendi, Jurickson Profar and recoil types cody bellinger and Michael Conforto With Haniger.

While Haniger isn’t in the same boat as Bellinger or Conforto, it’s still on track to recover from a relatively bad year to reach pre-2022 highs. He lost a significant portion of last season to a sprained ankle. This led him to 57 competitions and 247 record matches, where he reached .246/.308/.429 with 11 home runs. Considering the shooter-friendly nature of Seattle’s T-Mobile Park, this is still an above-average offensive production, but it’s a somewhat disappointing follow-up to the 2021 campaign that saw it garner some MVP votes. Haniger tied .253/.318/.485 in 157 games that year with 39 homers.

Various injuries plagued the Cal Poly product during his MLB tenure, and he only exceeded 100 games in a season twice. However, when healthy, it usually provides a strong power source from the right-hander’s box. Haniger has a .244/.315/.469 streak going back to early 2019, crushing rival left-handed shooters with a .274/.355/.536 performance. Its production against same-handed arms is close to average, but it’s definitely playable against both-handed shooters. He is often considered a solid defender in the corner outfield, but is not an option for working in the centre.

The Red Sox have a pretty obvious use for corner away assist. Jarren Duran After leaving as a candidate, he did not perform at the major league level as many expected. He is now 26 years old and has a career .219/.269/.354 streak at the MLB level. Duran hasn’t won a very consistent job against major league shootouts, and a now-winning Boston club would be hard pressed to rely on him for a day-to-day role. Alex Verdugo He’s played well at times, but has posted overall numbers around the league average over the past two seasons. Haniger could be an upgrade for both players, and in Boston also, J.D. Martinez.

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