Ravens say QB Lamar Jackson is ‘from week to week’ with knee injury

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson injured his knee “week-to-week” after getting an MRI on Monday, coach John Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh did not elaborate on Jackson’s injury, but league sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Tuesday that Jackson had a PCL sprain;

“As the week progresses, we’ll see this week,” Harbaugh said on Monday. “Probably less likely for this week, but not impossible. After that, it will become more and more likely.”

If Jackson steps out this week, backup Tyler Huntley will start for the Ravens (8-4) playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7) on Sunday. Huntley is 1-3 as a starter, scoring two goals and four interceptions.

Jackson, who beat the Denver Broncos 10-9 on Sunday, was injured when he was fired from the back by defender Jonathon Cooper in the last game of the first quarter. Jackson’s left knee looked as if it had been scraped against the ground as Cooper fell onto his back.

Jackson walked into the locker room without a limp and did not play the last three quarters. After the game, Harbaugh said he did not believe Jackson’s injury was the end of the season.

This will be the second season Jackson has missed games due to injury. Last season, the Ravens lost all four games in which Jackson was pulled over with an ankle injury.

Jackson was extremely resilient in his first 3½ seasons, missing only three of his first 51 starts and none due to injury. In 2019, Jackson was excluded from the final for taking the top spot in the Baltimore AFC. He did not play a match in 2020 due to COVID-19 and was inactive in 2021 due to illness.

This season, Jackson had shown some signs of wear and tear. He missed a workout due to a hip injury two weeks ago and was unable to finish a workout last week due to a quadriceps injury.

Since entering the NFL in 2018, Jackson has had a league-leading 877 hits, averaging 12.5 hits per game.

The Ravens expressed confidence in Huntley, who led the game-winning 91-yard drive on Sunday. Huntley’s last start was a 16-to-31 last season for 141 yards and two interceptions as they lost 16-13 to the Steelers. Huntley also rushed for 72 yards.

According to Harbaugh, Huntley is expected to take most of the reps in practice this week.

“We’re doing the same basic offense with both players. [Jackson and Huntley]so it really won’t change anything in terms of preparation,” said Harbaugh.[Huntley is] a player with a lot of dynamics in his game. It works really well. So, if he goes like this [and Huntley starts for Jackson]This is how things are. We will be excited to play and our guys will be fired up.”

Also Monday, the Ravens signed quarterback Brett Hundley to the training team. He was in Baltimore during training camp. When Jackson was injured, the only healthy quarterbacks for Baltimore were Huntley and Anthony Brown (training team).

The Ravens, on the other hand, recruited 36-year-old wide receiver DeSean Jackson to the active roster. Baltimore had finished off their practice roster promotion on Jackson, who made five 100-yard catches in three games with the Ravens.

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