Pokémon Scarlet and Violet TM Machine guide: How to make TMs

Learning moves in Pokémon games often revolve around leveling up and improving your trusty monsters. At certain levels, they will gain the ability to learn a new move, but they can only know so much at a time. There are some moves that are special, though, that can be given to Pokémon without needing to level up. Tech Machines, or TMs, have been in Pokémon games since the first generation games. Red and Blue. they came back for Pokémon Crimson and Violet, but with a twist.

New method to obtain TMs red and Violet It’s called the TM Machine. Ignoring the name redundancy, this is a crucial tool for trainers to become familiar with in their adventures. It’s the only way to give your team certain moves and keep them in top shape. There are hundreds of TMs red and Violet, but if you don’t master the TM Machine, you won’t get any of them. Here is a complete breakdown of how it works.

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What is TM Machine?

The TM Machine is the new way instructors can bring TMs in. red and Violet. This replaces the old way of finding or purchasing CBs throughout the game. The advantage is that you can now choose which TM you want to take with the machine, but it doesn’t cost anything. Each TM in the game must be prepared before it can be applied to a Pokémon. Depending on the WB it will have a set of resources you need to make it. This will include the materials you obtain by defeating wild Pokémon, as well as the League Points you earn by completing story missions or cashing in excess materials.

TM Machines are available at all Pokémon Centers in the Paldea region, so you’ll need to make a special trip to grab any TM you might want.

How to make TMs

List of all WBs.

As mentioned, making WB requires you to spend crafting materials and Troop Points. To do this, visit any Pokémon Center and access the Tech Mech Machine located in the green counter. Once enabled, you can sort multiple WBs by their number and type. When highlighting a TM, you’ll also see which of the Pokémon in your current team can learn this move. If you have the necessary resources, choose them and the WB is yours.

WBs are almost always disposable items, so while you can always spend more resources making another one, you should be smart about which Pokémon you want to give before committing.

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