PlayStation Win-A-Thon tournament kicks off on December 1

Starting December 1, PlayStation players will be able to compete against other players in cascading tournaments for influence and rewards. The cascading tournaments for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, called “Win-A-Thon”, held from December 1st to January 31st and can be entered from the Events page on each console.

Sony is intentionally making this feature easy to use and seems to put some attention front and center on the home screen. After all, new features you can’t find don’t make much sense (RIP Praises).

Ranking and overall ranking are separated by the region you play; the ranking is determined by the total number of wins for a given tournament in the sports or fighting game categories and the placement in the ranking. Tournaments will be held at different times and will feature different games to include as many players as possible.

PlayStation 5 Win-A-Thon will only support three games for its tournament (FIFA 23, Criminal Rig Effortand NBA 2K23), but competitors on PlayStation 4 have more game options to compete with. Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V, tekken 7, and more. Check out the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 thumbnails for a full breakdown of the rules, prizes and games you can compete in.

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All it takes to compete is a console and an active PlayStation Plus membership. Besides, there’s no cost to enter, so you technically have nothing to lose except your pride. However, if you’re potentially interested in going to school, you’re still prepared to earn some decent booty.

Players competing on PlayStation 5 have a chance to win prizes such as the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller or the Pulse 3D wireless headset. However, the main draw here seems to be the prize pool of PlayStation 4 players, with the top four contestants winning a PlayStation 5. The Prize pool for participation may also vary depending on your region or which game you are competing in, but you can check the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 leaderboards for more information.

Sony held its first console tournament in 2016, and it’s unclear whether we’ll see more events like this in the future. For now, though, this seems like an interesting distraction, even if only to see how you stack up against higher caliber players.

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