Patriots’ Mac Jones – ‘Let the emotions take over’, losing to Bills

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Frustration by New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones boiled over during Thursday night’s 24-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills, but he said it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular.

The Prime Video stream reported Jones at one point saying, “Throw the ball! Quick play sucks!”

The Patriots have played from behind in the last three quarters, and Jones later revealed that he wanted deeper shots on the court.

“Frankly, I let my emotions take over,” she said. “What I said was about getting the job done deeper in the short game. I have to implement that part better. But the short game we went ahead and it worked. But I felt like we needed collective games. I shouted that. to get everybody moving. It’s very emotional. That’s football. I am passionate about this game.

“Obviously, you don’t want to let your emotions take over you. I guess that’s it. It wasn’t directed at anyone. It’s just that emotions come out. We needed a spark.”

Jones said he believes he’s on the same page with the coaching team, especially Matt Patricia, who called him at the games.

“Just [saying]’Let’s go, let’s be aggressive, let’s take the shots. Just fight your way down,'” said Jones. “Matty P was on the same page. We finally made it there and moved it a little more.”

Jones finished 22/36 for 195 yards with a single touchdown and no interference. After a rookie year when he was selected to the Pro Bowl as a backup, he didn’t look like the same quarterback for most of his second season.

Significant changes took place around Jones. Coordinator Josh McDaniels left to become head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders after the 2021 season, and head coach Bill Belichick named former NFL head coaches Patricia and Joe Judge as top backups, despite their primary backgrounds on defensive and special teams in the NFL, respectively. .

Belichick also oversaw the streamlining of the offense, with players saying one goal was to simplify the attack and allow them to play faster.

However, the Patriots (6-6) fell to the bottom of the league standings in several key areas, including red zone (31st), third-down conversion (25th) and first drops per game (27th). Those areas were again problematic Thursday night against the Bills, whose possession time was between 38:08 and 21:52.

Jones pointed a finger at himself.

“If you’re playing from the back against a pretty good team and a good offense, you have to go there and make better plays,” he said. “It starts with me. I certainly wasn’t good enough on my part. I didn’t do a good enough job of getting ahead early and making it work. … It’s hard to watch the defense play a great game, not being able to do that. to give them something back.”

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