Orioles Takes Commercial Interest in Jorge Mateo

Orioles draw attention from other clubs at centre-back Jorge Mateoreported Ken Rosenthal of Athletic. The specific teams in contact with Baltimore are unclear, but he is a natural substitute target for clubs that have not handled the position through free agency.

Mateo, a former prospect in Yankees and Oakland farm systems, can occasionally be taken back on the plate with an overly aggressive approach. He walked in less than 5% of his MLB plate appearances and scored about 28% of the time, resulting in a dismal career percentage of 0.271. Things were even more extreme last season, as the .267 OBP was only Jonathan Schoop and cody bellinger Among the hitters with more than 500 plate skins.

While Mateo didn’t have a particularly versatile skill set, he took advantage of the physical abilities that made him a top candidate this year. The 27-year-old, who jumped from the A’s to the Padres, landed in Baltimore in late 2021 on a waiver claim. He made his first daily run at major league level last season. Mateo’s plate discipline profile was abysmal, but he showed off his top athleticism. He knocked out the AL’s top 35 bases in 44 tries, demonstrating speed collecting top-of-the-scale grades while nominated.

As Rosenthal points out, this type of athleticism could be particularly attractive in light of the rule changes set to come into effect for the 2023 season. MLB sets a limit to the number of times a pitcher can take a top plate view and widen the bottoms, both of which should encourage at least mid-range stealing.

The league also places limitations on defensive passes and requires clubs to keep two home players on either side of the second base bag and four on home territory. As a result, teams may place a higher bonus on athletic defenders, as it will be more difficult to compensate players with below-average range through strategic positioning.

Mateo has been successful defensively this year, scoring top points in more than 1,250 strokes at the centre-back. Defensive Runs Records sets him 14 above-average runs in the third-highest grade position in MLB. Statcast estimated Mateo to be eight laps above average and tied him in fourth among short centre-backs. He displayed both top-range range and above-average arm strength, and appears to have emerged as a plus defender.

Maintaining this type of defensive production will be critical for Mateo unless he takes a major step forward in offensive development. This year’s .211/.267/.379 line was 18 percent worse than the average by the wRC+ measurement. His base run means he’s not an all-glove player, but he’ll need to maintain top defensive marks to stay valuable with such a lukewarm output on the plate. The fact that Mateo has attracted the attention of other teams despite his offense is testament to both his secondary skills and the scarcity of alternatives.

The star-studded free agent class was one of those off-season stories. Top four players — Carlos Correa, Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts and dansby swan – finally changed teams. This somewhat surprising amount of mixing leads to the Twins, Dodgers, Red Sox and Braves having to come up with new solutions to replace their outgoing stars.

All four clubs have some internal possibilities, but none of them are ideal situations. Minnesota was acquired Kyle Farmer from Reds as a temporary option Royce Lewis He is expected to return mid-season after tearing the ACL in his right knee for the second time in a row. Dodgers can move Gavin Lux second tier to short stopper while relying on some combination Max Muncy, Chris Taylor and expectations such as Jacob Amaya or miguel vargas on the keystone. The Lux is a former best prospect coming out of a productive .276/.346/.399 performance, but below-average arm strength could be a cause for concern on the left side of the court.

There’s a somewhat similar situation in Boston, Trevor Story at this time he will probably return from the second stage to the defender position. Long-time Rockie was a plus for a time at the centre-back, but he also has a below-average arm at this stage of his career. The Sox doesn’t have as powerful a collection of internal second base options as the LA. Christian Arroyo if he wants to be favorite for playtime Enrique Hernandez stays in midfield. The brave have utility orlando arcia and rookie Vaughn Grissom – Played 63 career matches over High-A and come in with defensive question marks from potential evaluators – as internal candidates.

It makes sense for all four teams to explore the market for centre-back assistance, and clubs like the Angels and Diamondbacks could also check. Free agent is largely covered at this point and Elvis Andrus stands out as the best remaining option. Jose Iglesias offers a high contact depth option and Andrelton Simmons he’s still an excellent defender, but neither is an ordinary profile for a promising opponent.

Trade opportunities also seem sparse. The guards might have listened to the proposals. Amed Rosario for the final season of arbitration control. However, there is no indication that they plan to do so outside of this season. Brewers reportedly not selling kits Willy Adames; same goes for the White Sox Tim Anderson. like the players Nick Ahmed or Nicky Lopez could have been dealt with, but they’re just defensive types and will now be below-average daily players for a winning team.

MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz predicts Mateo will receive a salary of $1.8 million in his first season of arbitration eligibility. It will go through this process two more times before it hits the open market after the 2025 campaign. This expanded control window means Orioles don’t have to mess with it, and there’s no indication they’re actively buying it. Baltimore’s rebuilding is in the rearview mirror, and Mateo’s modest arbitration salary does not put any financial strain on the organization.

That said, there’s a reason GM Mike Elias and his team are considering trade offers, especially if they’re wary of Mateo’s ability to keep pace in 2022 with the glove. While the lack of other options for teams desperate for stall help may increase feelings of urgency to pursue him, there are a number of possibilities that Baltimore hope will eventually knock him out of his seat as the franchise’s frontman.

Gunnar Henderson He debuted at the end of the season and mainly worked in the third stage out of respect for Mateo. O’s can roll to the left of Mateo and Henderson while possessing. Ramon Urias and recently signed Adam Frazier share the reps in the second stage. Baltimore has very respectable prospects Jordan Westburg and Joey Ortiz just behind this group, both players are coming out of quality seasons for Triple-A Norfolk. Westburg and Ortiz – the latter already on the 40-man roster – could each find themselves in the major leagues fairly early in the 2023 campaign, and both are seen as potential daily shorts by various prospective reviewers.

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